Sculpting Wreath:

Back Circle – Lay a piece of parchment paper over pattern and mix up 1” of QW. Roll QW into a 12” coil and position on parchment paper. Once it is evenly positioned on paper gently flatten. Blend seam together with extender. Fold over piece of wire to form hook and insert into top of form. Allow to cure.

Note: Once you have your QW mixed up for the leaves I would turn my timer on.  You will have about 15 minutes working time with the clay.  So do not wait 5 minutes if you have already spent 10 minutes working with your clay.

Note:  You also might want to mix up 1″ of clay at a time and work with those leaves before moving onto the rest of the leaves.

Holly – Mix 2 ½” of QW and begin pinching and pressing to flatten, then lay on parchment paper and flatten with your hand. Once flattened use medium hand cutter and begin cutting hands. Reroll excess, mix together, flatten and continue to cut hands. You will need 12 – 15. Allow to sit 5 minutes. Begin laying hands on wreath by pinching them together and laying the first one on the wreath frame. Press back down keeping tips up. Move back a little and add the next leaf. Visually divide your wreath in 4 to help you will spacing on wreath. Continue adding leaves until you get back to the first one. Slip the last leaf under the first one. With excess clay add berries in groups of 1, 2, and 3. Keep lifting and shaping holly leaves. Allow to cure.

Painting Wreath:

Base all leaves – Foliage Green, shade – Houser medium Green, add – Plantation Pine if necessary. Berries – Bright Salmon, shade – Deep Burgundy. Highlight – Bright Salmon plus – Warm White. Dot highlight – add tad more Warm White to highlight mix.


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