Snowman Deer


Sculpting Snowman Deer

Note: Any time you have extra QW wood you can flatten it and blend it on areas of the doll or snowman that are still Styrofoam.  Be careful not to add the QW to an area that we are going to need to insert something like the legs.

Antlers – To make antlers mix up 1/8″ of QW and let it sit about 5 minutes. Pinch with fingers to create flat shape, then lay on parchment paper and flatten with palm of hand to even out. Using small star clay cutter cut star, reroll clay and cut second star. Remove excess clay. Lay pointed end of toothpick in center of each star between two points. Pull points on each side of toothpick up and blend down on toothpick. Shape other three points into antlers by gently tapping on point to round and pull two side points up a little. Pinch bottom of point to shape. If firm enough pick up and blend and shape using extender. If needed wait a few more minutes. Keep working on them until you have desired shape.

With remaining clay make snowman nose by rolling a cone about 1”+. Allow to cure.

Attaching Head & body – To make snowman easier to lay against Santa we want to trim a little off of the back of the body. I used a marker and drew a circle on the back before cutting. At the deepest you are cutting off 3/8”. I used a steak knife and was able to take it off in one cutting.

Insert 3/16” Dowel into pointy end of 3 7/8” Styrofoam egg, and then place 11/2” ball on top of dowel leaving ¼” for the neck.  Mix up 1/8” of QW and divide into 2.  Roll ball into small coil about 1” long.  Wrap around bottom of neck and blend into egg and then dowel.  Blend until smooth using extender if needed.   Roll second ball of QW into coil and wrap under head, blend onto ball and down dowel.  Shape making sure to keep neck thin and have QW blended onto the egg and ball. Allow to cure.

Cover head & attach nose & antlers – Mix up 1/2” of QW.  If you have a little divot on the front of your antlers pull off a small piece of clay and lay on divot and blend into place. Roll clay into a ball and then start pressing and pinching to make a flat pancake.  Lay on front of face and begin pressing and blending over head using extender if needed.  Keep blending until clay is evenly distributed and smooth.  Make starting hole with pointy tool or pencil where you are going to place antlers and nose. Trim antlers to 1 ¼” (1 1/2” to tip) and insert into head.   Insert nose into head. Allow to cure

Legs– Mix ¾” of QW and divide into 2. For the legs roll each piece into a coil about 4 1/2” long. Lay on parchment paper. Gently flatten top of leg and then using pencil or tip of tool make a hole in the top of the leg.  About ½” from the bottom of legs fold feet out. Allow to cure.

Mix 1/8” of QW and divide into 2. Roll each piece into a coil about ¼” wide. To make cuff of boot lay coil across leg about ¾” from bottom. Wrap around leg and pat into place, removing any excess clay.

Attaching Legs – mix 1/2” of QW and divide in 2.  Cut two pieces of wire about 3 1/2 ” long and use round nose pliers to fold in half.  Slip wires into legs and insert into the bottom of the body.  Leave about ½” of the wire exposed.  Also allow yourself enough room to work between the legs.  Roll the clay into a coil about 1” and wrap around top of wire next to body.  Blend clay into egg and then shape top of leg with fingers, using extender if needed.  Repeat with second leg.  Adjust length of wires if needed by pushing in or pulling out. Allow to cure.

Mix small amount of QW at a time and very thinly cover any Styrofoam areas of snowman.

Arms– Mix ¾” of QW and divide into 2. Roll each into a coil about 4” long. Position at shoulders and bend at shoulders. Have right arm come down at his side and his left arm fold at elbow with hand cupped. Allow to cure.

Sweater– to finish trim on sweater mix ½” of QW. Pull off 2 balls about ¼’ each and roll each into a coil about ¼” wide. These are the cuffs on the sweater. Lay over wrist and pat in place. Use exacto knife and remove excess from top and bottom. For the collar pull off a ½” ball of clay, roll into a coil 2 ½” long and position around neck. Gently press into place. Pencil where you want the bottom of the sweater band. Pull off ball of clay and roll into coil ¼” long, position in place. Continue until band is covered. Pat into place. Using tool or exacto knife press lines to create ribbing on cuffs, collar and band. Use fingers to press down on top edge of cuffs and band.

For the heart mix 1/8” of QW and divide into two. Roll each piece into a coil 1” to 1 1/” and lay each coil on chest with tops pointing out and coming to point. Press to flatten and shape with fingers if needed. Allow to cure.

Hat–  mix ¼” of QW and divide into 2. Roll 1 piece into a coil about 5” long. Pick up in the middle and lay across the front of the head. Have the ends lay on sweater. Press ends in place, use exacto knife to create tassels at the end of the ties. Pull off 1/3 of remaining clay and roll into a coil about 2 ½” long. Lay center at center back bringing ends down and connecting with side trim of hat. Divide remaining clay in two and roll into two cones each about ¾” long. Lay on parchment paper and flatten fat end of cone with fingers. Using tool or pencil, lay on cone and pull edges of clay up on point of toll. Pick up and position and press in place beside horn. Keep watching earing and lifting until they are cured.

Painting Snowman:

Head, neck, hands and feet – Warm White. Nose – Tangelo Orange, Black dot eyes.

Cheeks thin mix of Bright Salmon plus Tomato Red.

Sweater – Whispering Turquoise, shade – Wedgewood Blue, highlight – Whispering Turquoise + Warm White. Heart – Bright Salmon, shade – Deep Burgundy, highlight – Bright Salmon plus Warm White.

Hat- Purple Cow, Dioxazine Purple dots and shade with Dioxazine Purple, ears – burlap, add cheek color inside ears. Antlers – Oyster Beige. Hat band- Blue Harbor with stripes – Purple Cow.

Boots – Bright Salmon, shade – Deep Burgundy, highlight – Bright Salmon plus Warm White. Fur – Oyster Beige, checks – Black.



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