Sculpting Doll:

Note: Any time you have extra QW wood you can flatten it and blend it on areas of the doll or snowman that are still Styrofoam.  Be careful not to add the QW to an area that we are going to need to insert something like the legs.

Getting Started/Head- Insert Dowel into pointy end of 2.5” Styrofoam egg, and then place 1” ball on top of dowel leaving ¼” for the neck.  Mix up sliver of QW and divide into 2.  Roll ball into small coil about ¾” long.  Wrap around bottom of neck and blend into egg and then dowel.  Blend until smooth using extender if needed.   Roll second ball of QW into coil and wrap under head, blend onto ball and down dowel.  Shape making sure to keep neck thin and have QW blended onto the egg and ball. Allow to cure.

Mix up ¼” of QW.  Roll clay into a ball and then start pressing and pinching to make a flat pancake.  Lay on front of face and begin pressing and blending over head using extender if needed.  Keep blending until clay is evenly distributed and smooth.  Allow to cure.

Making nose, arms, and legs – Mix ¾” of QW. Pull off a small ball about 1/8” for the nose.  Roll into a cone shape and attach to face.  Nose should start just below center of head and go up to forehead. Use fingers to press and blend nose as needed.  Use blade to flatten bottom of nose.

Divide remaining clay into 4. For arms roll 2 pieces into a coil about 3 ¼” long. Gently flatten both ends and place a hole in each end using a tool or pencil. For the legs roll the remaining pieces into a coil about 3 1/2” long.  You can let the one end be slightly pointed for the toes. Gently flatten top of leg and then using pencil or tip of tool make a hole in the top of the leg.  Allow to cure.

Hair – Mix ¼” of QW and pull off small ball and roll into a coil about ¾” 1” long.   Lay the coil on right side of face about ½ ways down side of face. Bend coil ending in a forward curl. Repeat on lower left side of face. Make another coil and lay on top right side of face, swirl coil ending in a curl. Repeat on left side of face. For top curl make a coil about ¾” long and lay end on top left of face having it go across forehead and end in a curl. Make lower curls going around head having ends curl up or down starting behind lower right curl and ending at lower left curl. Do the same thing to create the top row of curls. Make two or three more rows of top curls going behind first top curl. Mix additional QW as needed. Allow to cure.

Attaching arms and legs – To attach the legs cut 1/4” QW and divide in 2.  Cut two pieces of wire about 3” long and use round nose pliers to fold in half.  Slip wires into legs and insert into the bottom of the body.  Leave about ½” of the wire exposed.  Also allow yourself enough room to work between the legs.  Roll the clay into a coil about 1” and wrap around top of wire next to body.  Blend clay into egg and then shape top of leg with fingers, using extender if needed.  Repeat with second leg.  Adjust length of wires if needed by pushing in or pulling out. Allow to cure.

To attach the arms cut a sliver QW and divide in 2.  Cut two pieces of wire about 2” long and use round nose pliers to fold in half.  Slip wires into top of arms. Divide clay into two and roll each piece into a ball. Position on each side where you want to attach the arms.   Blend outside edges of clay out onto egg. Gently flatten. You do not want the shoulders to be too big; you just want to have something to attach the arms to. When satisfied with arms slip wires into clay.   Allow to cure.

Mix up a small amount of QW at a time and begin covering the areas of the doll that still have Styrofoam exposed. Pull off a small piece of QW pinch to flatten between fingers and then press onto Styrofoam . Use extender if needed to blend.

Painting Doll:

Dress to include arms – Cotton Candy, dots – Warm White.

Face and legs – Warm Beige, shade face and nose – Burnt Sienna + Warm White.

Cheeks thin – TomatoRed plus Bright Salmon, Eyes – Black.

Hair – Tangelo Orange.



Optional tutu video:

I was zooming with a couple girls and one of them wanted to make a tutu for her doll.  I thought you might like this how to on making a tutu.  The tutu is optional and not on our original design.


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