Sing, Sing, Sing Angel Wings

I wanted to give you some step-by-step photos for creating the wings on my angel project “Sing, Sing, Sing” in the book Jane and Amy Create Christmas, that I did with my friend Amy Mogish.

Before starting the project you will need to pick paper for your wings.  I went with a palette of mostly whites and golds.  I did also use a taupe-grey dot and because it was an angel I wanted music paper.  Notice a number of the papers have texture which I thought would be interesting when painted.


Trace your pattern onto your base coated surface.  Make a photocopy of your wings to use as a pattern for cutting.  Beginning on outside wings starting at top cut out pattern for wing and then cut out of desired paper.  I had no set pattern, I would mix the up as I worked, usually what was around them would dictate what to use next. I added a little extra at the top of the wing for overlapping. Also since you are cutting around the pattern they might get a little wider, but that is OK you can overlap them.  I would cut a few at a time an then use matte medium or decou-page to glue them in place. After they are glued down go over them with a coat of medium.  Continue until first row is down, then begin center row of feathers.  I did the first top feather with the top section of the wing. Continue with the middle and top row then add the top middle feather and top section.  Add a coat or two of medium over top of wings and surface.

Note: if you have an interesting textured or pattern paper like my white paper, position your feathers on it to take advantage of it.  The edges of the leaves and flowers worked perfect for the tips of my wings.



This is the side effect of the project. 😀 Lots of little pieces of paper everywhere.


Once everything has dried thoroughly (I let mine sit overnight) sand lightly with a used piece of medium grit sand paper.  That will take the edges off of the paper and make it easier to paint.

I did not like how white the top of my wings look so I put a wash of Emperor’s Gold on them before shading and highlighting. You do don’t have to do this unless you are not happy with your paper.  Shade the back and bottom half of each feather and the back of the top section with Raw Sienna.

wing shaded.jpg

Reinforce shading in back of feathers with Burnt Umber.


Highlight top and tip of each feather and bottom of top section with Warm White.


Paint center line of each feather and a few off lines with Burnt Umber.  It will look nicer if you slightly curve the center line.


Line next to center line and paint a few off lines with Warm White.


Using a liner or small round paint 5 strokes on the tip of each wing.


Complete your angel following instructions for project in book.