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Peanut Butter Cookies

A number of years ago I made these cookies for a family reunion and found out that they were one of my Aunt Louise’s favorite cookies….so every time I  go to her house I bake them just for her…..and every one else also gets to enjoy them.  This year my cousin Elaine said you need to put these on your blog….so I am feeling the pressure 🙂


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French Rolls

Many years ago I was in Key West sitting by a pool reading a magazine when I came across a recipe for French Rolls.  When I got home I tried them a few times and then made them for our family Thanksgiving dinner.  From that moment forward, by popular demand, I make them for every family event as well as many other occasions.  They are a hit with family and friends.

These are a crusty roll with a soft center.


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Cinny Buns with Peaches and Pecans

I love fresh fruit in season and right now I am enjoying peaches.  Last year I bought a new cookbook by Rosie Daykin called Butter, which is also the name of her bakery.  So far I have only tried one recipe in the book which are her cinnamon buns made with peaches and pecans.  They are so yummy that I have made them at least a half a dozen times.  I like them with fresh peaches but they are also good with canned or frozen peaches if you are craving them in the off-season.

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Pretzel Rolls

My mother had made soft pretzels when we were young and they were always a treat so a few years ago I started making soft pretzels and pretzel rolls.  The nice thing about the rolls is you can eat them as a pretzel treat, a sandwich roll or as a dinner roll.  This recipe makes 8 rolls so I always quadruple the recipe, then you can share some and freeze some for later.  The original recipe I found in the Food Network magazine.


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