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Time for Summer Fruit Pie

Just a few years ago I started making fruit pies with fresh fruit when it is in season.  For me, what an amazing difference – the pies just seem to turn out perfect.  I am sure having the fruit at its peak is one factor.  Also frozen fruit always seems to have so much liquid and it is hard to know how much to keep and how much thickener to add.

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Peanut Butter Cookies

A number of years ago I made these cookies for a family reunion and found out that they were one of my Aunt Louise’s favorite cookies….so every time I  go to her house I bake them just for her…..and every one else also gets to enjoy them.  This year my cousin Elaine said you need to put these on your blog….so I am feeling the pressure 🙂


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French Rolls

Many years ago I was in Key West sitting by a pool reading a magazine when I came across a recipe for French Rolls.  When I got home I tried them a few times and then made them for our family Thanksgiving dinner.  From that moment forward, by popular demand, I make them for every family event as well as many other occasions.  They are a hit with family and friends.

These are a crusty roll with a soft center.


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