Retreat Welcome

Welcome to the Holly Jolly Santa retreat.  This retreat has been in the planning stages for over a year.  We started talking about it and scheming in our minds.  Yes we wanted to do a big Santa.  We talked about some different shapes and Jane had her wood cutter make them for her.  Shara flew back to PA and we began critiquing, creating, sculpting, painting and assembling.  In three days Holly Jolly Santa was born, plus we created all those crazy videos.  And then we picked the venues and advertised, and people signed up and we were excited and ready to go.

And then things beyond our control got in our way.  We all were disappointed, but we got creative again and decided to do a virtual retreat.  And you joined us, and we can’t begin to tell you how thankful we are to you.  Thankful for you believing in us, and thankful to you for trying something new.

This is our first time doing this and we hope you will be patient with us as we work out the bugs.

Relax, enjoy the fun, and we are here to answer your questions and help you.  Please hop over to Facebook and join our private group Shara Jane Santa Retreat.  Post pictures in this group as you work on your project and please post on your regular FB page so people can see how much fun you are having.

Stay Safe and Create,

Big Virtual Hugs,

Shara & Jane