About Me

Jane Allen

Lover of all things creative

I have always enjoyed art and creating. As a child I was busy cutting, taping, coloring, painting, sewing and gluing. My dolls and dog were always well dressed and live in the most wonderful creations. Art supplies were always on my Christmas list.

I tried and enjoyed many different art forms, but in my late 20’s I took a stroke-work class and have been painting ever since. Over the years I took classes from many different teachers developing my own style. In 2002 I started drawing and painting my own designs. I was fortunate to design for some multi-author books, a single book, and many magazine articles as well as pattern packets.

I am married to my best friend, Allan. We love to cook and entertain and enjoy spending time with family and friends. Al loves to garden and always has our yard looking like paradise. We are both retired from our “real Jobs” so this is a very sweet time in our lives.  Even though we don’t have children we are blessed with many wonderful nieces and nephews and other special people in our lives that we love.

I feel very blessed and am thankful to be doing all that I love.  If you would like to see more of my designs you can go to my website: www.janeallencreates.com


Here is a tour of my studio that I did for Art Play Date in 2016

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