Feathered Friends – Ornament Hanger

Ornament Hanger for Feathered Friends:

Hanger (optional)

  • (3) beads
  • (3) 12” lengths of 20 gauge wire


How to create ornament hooks video:

Here are also written instructions for making the ornament hook:

A. Cut wire to desired length. I use about 6 “– 7” of 20 gauge wire. Place flat-nose pliers in center of wire. Bend wire back with finger to a ninety degree angle.
B. Use round nose pliers to hold the wire near the angle and bend the wire up and forward making sure the loop is large enough to dangle freely in top of ornament.
C. Move round nose pliers to top of wire and bend down.
D. Slip wire into ornament and bend the wire down.
E. Wrap shorter wire tightly down the stem of the longer wire to create two or three coils.
F. If using bead slip onto longer wire. Bring wire around back of bead to the top of the bead and wrap wire tightly on the stem two or three times. Trim the excess wire.
G. Create swirl in end of bead. Bend as desired for hook.