2017 Ornament Exchange

The Ornament Exchange Blog Hop is over for 2017, but the ornament patterns are still available on each of the artists blogs.  Below are direct links to their ornament posts.

The blog hop is a way for us to give back to all of you who encourage us, and support us by buying our patterns and books, and attending our classes and seminars. You have made our blog hop a success by participating.  Your kind words and encouragement mean more than you will ever know.

Blessings my friends


Ornament Exchange 2017

Day 1 – October 17th


Jane Allen Creates| Classic Amy Joanne| Franca Marzi | Judy Westegaard – Jenkins

Day 2 – October 18th

day2 Golda Rader| Debbie Mishima | Tracy Moreau | Linda Sharp, CDA

Day 3 – October 19th


Sandy McTier | Deb Antonick | Lauré Paillex | Wendy Young

I hope you enjoyed this Blog Hop and are inspired to paint some ornaments for family and friends.  Please share your creations with us on FaceBook.  We love to see our designs being created by others and how you make them your own.

Special Thank you to DecoArt and Cupboard Distributing for sponsoring our blog hop.

DecoArt Giveaway Winners:

  • Jane Allen – Kathy Vincent
  • Amy Mogish – Julie Speaks
  • Franca Marzi – AGOSTI TERESA
  • Judy Westegaard-Jenkins – Vera Souther
  • Golda Rader – Jamie Hatfield
  • Debbie Mishima – Molliann Stocks
  • Tracy Moreau – Heidi Lyons 
  • Linda Sharp – Connie Bartch
  • Sandy McTier – Terry Moore
  • Deb Antonick – Janet Walsh
  • Lauré Paillex – Dorothy Holgate
  • Wendy Young – Maria Grimanis


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