Makin’ Fall Fun – Book Tour

Two of my creative friends and I have a new painting book that will be coming out in August of 2017.  The book is called Makin’ Fall Fun and I co-authored it with Wendy Young and Amy Mogish.  We thought we would take you on a little virtual “Book Tour” so that you could see all of the fun projects in our book.  As the title suggests the book is all about Fall and each of us has 3 fun projects in the book.

I hope you enjoy this preview of my projects:

Give Thanks – When I think of fall, I think of it as a time to think and reflect on all our blessings and to give thanks for them.  This project has a mixed media background and scrapebook paper banner.


The Queen of Sunflower Farm – Everyone want to be Queen but most of us don’t get to live the dream.  Meet Sunny who is doing just that as the Queen of Sunflower Farm.  Every time she turns her head all her loyal subjects follow her leading.


Fall Foliage Angel-  This fun, funky angel is made with a 5″ x 5″ x 1.5″ canvas, various wooden parts and wings that are made out of heavy paper and Quikwood.   I have included step-by-step photos on my blog to make painting this pretty face a piece of cake.


Thank you for taking the tour of my projects, I hope you enjoyed them.  Please stop by my friends sites and take a look at all their wonderful creations.



Amy Mogish


Wendy Young 

You can get the book at any of our websites:





Hope these projects with inspire you to start creating and Make Fall Fun.

Big Painting Hug,