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Up-Cycled Bunnies

One thing I have always enjoyed about decorative painting is the variety of surfaces. I love all the different shapes. Many times for me, just looking at a shape gives me an idea of what to put on it. This happened to me when I was looking into the recycle bin at these two different shaped bottles. I immediately saw bunny bodies.

mouthwash bottles

I envisioned using Styrofoam balls for their heads and QuikWood (QW) to create the details. I applied pieces of newspaper with DecouPage to the bottles. Once it dried, I covered the bottles with a coat of Gesso.

Then began the process of adding the head and sculpting the details. I chose a Styrofoam ball that is in proportion to the size of the bottle. For the rectangular bottle I used a 2 1/2″ ball and for the larger bottle I used a 3″ ball. Since this was my first attempt, I used the bottles the way they were made. If I did it again, I might cut off a part of the top of the large bottle with a hack saw to make the neck shorter.

The first thing I did was sculpt the ears and let them cure. Again, I made the ears in proportion to the size of the bunny. Of course, bunnies can have all different size ears so don’t over-think it. To make it easier you can download the pattern below. Lay a piece of parchment paper over the pattern and follow the instructions on the video. For the larger ears I used 1/2″ of QW and divided it in two. For the medium ears I used 3/8″ of QW and divided it in two.

Video for making ears:

Bunny Ears

If you want to make the bunnies a little heavier, you could add some sand or stones to the bottles before adding the heads. I did not add anything to mine.

Once the ears are cured, I pushed the Styrofoam ball down on top of the neck of the bottle. I then covered the head with clay and inserted the ears.

For the large head I used 3″ (2″ to start and then 1″ rolled into a 6″ coil to finish) of QW to cover it and for the medium head I used 2 1/4″ (1 1/2″ to start and then 3/4″ rolled into a 5″ coil to finish) of QW.

Making head and inserting ears

I then added the feet and the tail. For the larger bunny I used 1″ of QW for the tail and 1″ divided it in two for the feet. For the medium bunny I used 3/4″ of QW for the tail and 3/4″ divided it in two for the feet.

Bunny feet and tail

I them added a muzzle using 1/2″ of QW for the large bunny and 1/4″ of QW for the medium bunny.

Bunny muzzles

Once you have your sculpting done you will want to cover the QW with a coat of DecoArt Adhesion Medium mixed 1:1 with DecoArt paint. I usually use Oyster Beige because it is a little lighter than the QW and I can see where I painted. If you haven’t already done so, you will want to paint the paper with gesso.

I then sketched out how I was going to dress my bunnies.

Sketching out bunny clothes

At this point you could decide if you want any more sculpted details. I begin painting my bunnies and then decided to add a few more details. I used DecoArt paint for my bunnies. I recommend using your favorite colors.

I then decided to add a flower and carrots to the square bunnies and arms and a heart to the larger bunny.

Flower and Carrots
Arms and a heart

Once they were painted, I gave them a light coat of DecoArt matte varnish. I then added a few embellishments.

Once I finished these bunnies, I started seeing other containers that could be bunnies as well.

more containers, more bunnies
More bunnies, even if one is a duck pretending to be a bunny.

I hope you will have fun creating more up-cycled bunnies. If you create some, please send me pictures at and I will add them to the bottom of this post.

Happy Spring, Happy Easter!



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Living with Art – Painting Paper Mache

For our third week of living with art we painted paper mache.  Our first project was a pencil box for them to keep their pencils and other small supplies in.  I let them paint whatever they would like using DecoArt Americana acrylics.

Our class is 2 hours and they had a half an hour left so I gave them a second project – a small paper Mache jewelry box.

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Play Date & Stencils

It is always fun to have a creative playdate with friends.  Not too long ago I got together with my girlfriends Glenda and Deb.  We had no plan…which I always love.  We started playing with flowers which led us to talking about ideas for backgrounds.  Soon we had the stencils out.  Just using a few stencils in our projects brought them from pretty to gorgeous in a very short time.

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Painting Donuts

Normally I paint from a pattern or sketch from photo references, but sometimes it is fun to set up a still life and paint from it….so why not paint donuts.

The best part about painting donuts is having to buy a “collection” of fresh donuts to sketch and then eat them. 😀 Since my husband was more than willing to help and anxious to get started, I took pictures. I stacked them and also took pictures singularly from the top, side and at an angle.  After photographing many donuts I decided on these three.


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Making a Birthday Canvas

Our family was celebrating my nieces 50th birthday on New Year’s day.  I wanted to do something special for her so I decided to make a mixed media Birthday canvas.  I had a general idea of what I wanted to do and was able to find the needed supplies at my local crafts store.  I started with a 5x7x2 wooden canvas (you could use a regular canvas), I wanted to put her age on the canvas, her initial, a crown, and possibly feet on the project so she could sit it on a table.


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Making it yours…the beginning of designing

This weekend I was at a painting seminar at my local chapter with Amy Mogish.  We had  time to chat as we were prepping our pieces and one of the girls said that she just realized recently that she could make designs her own by changing things instead of making it exactly the way the teacher did hers.

When I thought about it I realize this is the beginning of designing.  First we use a different surface, then a different color on a few elements.  Next we are combining a few patterns to create a project…..and then we try our hand at making our own designs.

I had made some changes to Amy’s original design “Simple Goodness” which was placed on a tin cake stand.  I wanted to place mine on a canvas because I was going to put it  beside an antique cake stand that was my mothers.

Amy's original design on cake stand
Amy’s original design on cake stand

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