Retreat Recipes


We thought we would share a few recipes with you on this page so that you can have some healthy food (and not so healthy) ready to keep you going and not have to take too many breaks to prepare meals:

These recipes are from my blog page which you can just go over there and pick what you would like, but I picked these there because they are easy to make and tasty.  At the end of the posts are printable recipes

I love this Pasta Fagioli Soup, It is easy to make and hearty.  The recipe makes it with hamburger, but you could use ground turkey and chicken broth.  You could also make it with vegetable broth and not use any meat, it is still nice and hearty because of the beans.

This is my mothers favorite salad.  It is easy to make tasty especially when there are not a lot of fresh vegetables available.  I often make it in the winter.  You can use the dressing in the recipe which is a sweet and sour dressing or just use your favorite vinaigrette.

Of course we all need something sweet to keep us going when that afternoon slump hits.  These peanut butter balls are a favorite with all my family and friends.  They are easy to make and keep for a long time in the refrigerator.  These are the bon bons that we are eating in the videos.

We hope you enjoy these recipes.

If you have a recipe you would like to share with the group, please send it to Jane and she will post it on the page.   Mail to