Assembling Santa


Varnish all pieces before assembling.  We used spray varnish.

Attach wheels to base.  Measure 2 1/2″ from outside edge and 3/4″ down from top for placement of wheels.

Ways to attach:

  • Make a jig by cutting a u shape in a piece of card board.  Place jig behind wheel and attach wheel by nailing small headed nail into wheel.  Remove jig.
  • Roll ball of QW behind wheel and press into place.

Once attached glue wooden plugs on front, if desired.


Attach Santa to base using screws.


If you have not added the pack to Santa, go over to the pack page for how – to details.

Attach arm to Santa using nail:


Position snow deer in place so that arm hangs in front of it.  Once satisfied with position use 1/4″ of QW on back of body and press in place.  Allow to cure.

Wrap ribbon around dolls waist twice and tie in bow in front.  Wire star to dolls hand. Wire hand of doll to Santa’s hand.

Wire wreath to Santa’s hand and Attach bow to top of wreath.




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