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Spring Glitter Houses

For those of you who are tired of seeing more glitter houses, forgive me….but I have been getting a number of requests for some spring houses and want to try to keep everyone happy…  so here are three new designs for spring:

Spring House with Flower boxes:

I started with paper mache houses from Hobby Lobby.  This pink house is made with the largest house.

I painted it with the following Decoart colors:

  • Foliage Green – Grass
  • Indian Turquoise – Roof
  • Spice Pink – House & bricks on chimney.
  • Toffee – Chimney


Using Fabber-Castell white Pitt pen, add trim around windows and scallops on dormers.


I thought flower boxes would be nice so I created them using some medium weight scrapbook paper.  I was lucky to find a color that I liked.  Here is a diagram for cutting out the boxes. On the lines that are not cut I scored the lines using a ruler and my stylus.  Fold and then glue together.  If you can’t find the right color paper you can always paint the boxes like I did for the tree house.  I was surprised, but the windows are the same size in all three houses so the same pattern can be used for any size house.


Once the window boxes are dry, I glue them to the house.  I then glittered my house.

I then added moss and flowers to the boxes.


Spring House with tissue background:

This tissue paper, which I found at Michaels, was the inspiration for the next house.


Because the paper is thin I knew that I would need to paint the background of the house with white.  For this house I used the medium paper mache house from Hobby Lobby and basecoated it in the following Decoart colors:

  • Driftwood – Chimney
  • Foliage Green – Grass
  • Grape Juice – Roof
  • Peacock Teal- house dormers
  • Raw Umber – Chimney Bricks
  • Snow White – bottom of house


I then used Matte Medium and glued the tissue to the white area of the house.  When dry I painted a coat of medium on the top of the tissue and then cut the paper from the windows with an xacto knife.


I used a paint pen around the windows and then glittered.

To finish the house I add some filigrees to the top and added two flower pots with eggs in them…kinda fitting for a bird house.


Spring Tree House:

For this project I used the small paper mache house from Hobby Lobby, a tall wooden candle stick, and branches from my yard. I used Quikwood to hold it all together.  Quikwood is a two part resin which dries in about 20 minutes.  You can get it from Wendy Young, here is a link to her site: Olde Moon Lane.

Begin your project by painting the house and candlestick in the following Decoart colors:

  • Driftwood – Chimney & tree
  • Harbor Blue – bottom of house
  • Raw Umber – Chimney Bricks
  • Sour Apple – top of house and flower box

Trim around windows and door with the white pitt pen.


I was so anxious to get started on this project that I started backwards.  I began on the house and tree before painting them, but decided after I got going that it would be easier to paint them first.

Trim your branches to desired length, I used three on the tree and three on the roof.  Cut off about a half an inch of quikwood and mix it together.   Place it on the tree where you would like the branch and then press the branch into it.  You are creating a ledge to hold the branch.  Do the same for the branches on the roof.  Use DecoArt Extender to blend Quikwood onto tree and roof of house. Once this dries we will go back and use more Quikwood to hold the branch in place.

Place branches in areas just created to make sure you are happy with the placement.  Use more Quikwood around each branch extending it up the branch and on the base.  If needed use a piece of tape to hold in place until it dries.  If you wanted to,  you could have fun and sculpt your entire candlestick adding texture and shape to the entire tree, roots at the bottom and maybe even a door.

I then painted a flower box (see directions above to make) Sour Apple and glued it to the house.   I painted over the Quikwood with Driftwood and then brushed tree DecoArt Media Raw Umber Antiquing Cream.  Spray varnish tree.


Glitter the house being careful not to break the branches.

Now for the fun.  Glue moss to the roof of the house, in the flowerbox, and on the branches.  When done glue the house to the tree.


Because I have done other posts on glitter houses I did not give you all the details as in the past such as how to glitter, what type of glitter to use, the Pitt pen, etc.  If you would like to see this information you can look at the related links about making glitter houses :

Hope you enjoyed these spring glitter houses,

















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    1. Thank you Lynn, I do understand what you are saying. I used some of my spring /Easter blog projects as centerpieces/ door prizes for my family party yesterday. I realized I needed three more things, but ran out of time so three tables had kits. Sometimes we just have to be kind to ourselves.

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