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Girlfriend Getaway

Getting away with other like minded creative women is not only good for your heart, mind and soul but also a great boost to your creativity.

Last week my friend Wendy Young and I met up with Shara Reiner, Judy Craik and a whole lot of other creative women in California.

The first part of our trip was going to a creative 3 day retreat in Fallbrook, CA.  Now if you are like me I am motivated to create in a beautiful environment.  The home that we stayed in was called “The Hive” and was set up for creative retreats – scrapebooking, quilting, painting,etc.  The house was cleverly decorated using second hand and inexpensive furnishings in bright cheery colors.  The bedrooms each had 3-5 single beds in them and they each had a theme.  My bed had a mermaid theme complete with mermaid sheets.  I was a happy girl.


The living room and dining room, which were open to each other, were set up with tables for creating.  There was inspiration everywhere, and if you needed a little break from creating you could go out by the pool.


The first day Wendy taught a sculpting class.  Many of the ladies had never used quikwood or had sculpted before, but Wendy is a great teacher and they all did a wonderful job.  We sculpted a lamb called “Angel”.  Yes I did not finish painting mine, but hop over to Wendy’s blog and see her finished project and some of the other ladies finished lambs.


Shara gave us lots of supplies and instructions to create projects, along with lots of samples.  We could play and work on our projects at our own pace. These are the ones that I was able to finish.


A couple of the projects allowed us to do decorative soldering on our projects.  You can see this on the heart in the box, the roof of my birdhouse, the top of the cone and  the band on the hat.  Shara and Judy taught us how to do this new fun technique.


Wendy and I also used quikwood on some of our projects.  Wendy had mixed up some and then was too tired to keep creating so she gave it to me and I quickly turned it into holly leaves.  I then used it on most of my ornaments.  My projects used paper, glitter, solder, paint and quikwood.  I probably wouldn’t have all the holly if not for Wendy, but I love how they look.

Cooking is another art form to me and I appreciate good food because I enjoy eating. Debbie, one of the ladies at the retreat, also did the cooking and she did not disappoint us, the meals were delicious and I got to try some wonderful new things.

After the retreat we went to Judy’s beautiful log home for a couple days and played with more solder.  Judy was a wonderful teacher and taught us some more jewelry soldering techniques. It was so much fun and now I have another addiction.  And of course again we were spoiled with more good food.  These are the pieces I had made.


These are two pieces that Judy had created.  I don’t know about you, but my mind is spinning with ideas.


We then went to Kreative Klutter a cute shop in Hesperia where Shara was teaching a two day class.  These were the projects that we painted, I still have a little to finish.  I always love painting with Shara, she is a great teacher and I always learn so much from her.


We then spent the night at Shara’s before flying home.  Shara and Judy both have beautiful homes filled with wonderful art treasure.  Your mind is spinning with ideas.

This is a tree that Shara leaves up all year changing out some of the items for the seasons.  I just love it.


It was so fun spending time, learning and creating with Shara and Judy and all our other new creative friends.  The week had so many ideas dancing through my head.  Even though Wendy and I had spent the week together we talked and sketched most of the five hour flight home.  Oh and did we mention that we are going back next August?

So grab a girl friend or two and go on a creative adventure.  You will be blessed.  Don’t be discouraged if you can’t go across the country to a retreat. Take a day to play, or even have lunch with a creative friend.  One of my favorite things to do at home is go to lunch with my girlfriend Glenda. We take our sketchbooks and dream and share and always go home inspired.

A Big Creative Hug,




14 thoughts on “Girlfriend Getaway”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! Looking forward to seeing you new designs. I hope that you’ll be submitting some to NET. Remember, the submissions need to be postmarked no later than Jan. 20th, 2018.

    1. O what fun you had. What wonderful creations you made. I love the sodered hearts. They look like they are from the Victorian period. Love the swirls. Thank you for sharing your trip. The juices are flowing and I want to start making my Christmas cards today! Thanks for the inspiration Jane. Hugs to you.

      1. Thank you Margaret, I love how one type of creativity stirs another. Just an idea, the soldering on the birdhouse and cone is against paper mâché. Hugs to you!

  2. Jane, my door is always open for you, Wendy and Shara. It was so much fun creating together. A BIG thanks go to you and Shara for making my hutches beautiful. Thanks for a fun time

    1. Thank you Judy, I loved helping you decorate. I had so much fun with you and was glad to get to know you better. My door is always open to you too if you would like to come east. Hugs!

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