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Summer Lanterns and More…

Not too long ago I shared with you that my art class was making lanterns out of wide mouth quart canning jars.  (See post here Living with Art – Painting on Glass) Today I would like to share a pattern with you so that you can make your own lanterns and more.

Slip a palm tree pattern into your jar to use as a guide when painting.  The pattern is sized to fit into a wide mouth quart canning jar (I bought mine at Michaels). You can resize the pattern to fit your container. Palm Tree Lantern Pattern (PDF)


I began painting with DecoArt Gloss Enamels.  Note: following manufacturer guidelines for prepping surface.

I painted the trunks Honey Brown, the palms Foliage Green, and the rim of the jar Bright Orange.  I allowed it to thoroughly dry and then gave the trunk and rim a second coat.  I then floated on one side of the trunk and made cross lines with Dark Chocolate.  For the second coat on the palms I used Citron Green and Festive Green.  On the rim I put Royal Fuchsia checks and a wavy Desert Turquoise line around the bottom.  I used a dabbler and White for the dots.


Once the lanterns were done I made a handle out of two pieces of wire.  To make the handle follow these instructions:

  • Cut two pieces of wire about 8” longer than distance around rim.  Place wire at right angle to each other with one piece on outside.
  • With 4” of wire extended beyond inside wire, wrap outside wire twice around inside wire on both sides.
  • Place inside wire under rim of jar, and pull tight.  Twist to secure.
  • If desired, place beads or bells on end of wires.  Fold all wires over with needle nose pliers.  Wrap wire around paint brush handle to curl.


I also made coordinating glasses and a tray.  I used the same colors for the glasses and on the tray I used coordinating DecoArt Americana colors.  Here is the pattern for the glasses Palm Tree Glasses Pattern (PDF)   I used the same pattern for the palms on the tray.  Remember to heat set your drinking glasses and hand wash.




The lanterns can be fun to hang in a tree.  You can use a little sand and a votive in the bottom or battery operated candles.  Here are my lanterns flickering in the trees. I love that you can hear the birds in the background.


I hope that you will enjoy painting these palm tree lanterns. Let me know some of the creative ways that you use it.

Happy Creating,







6 thoughts on “Summer Lanterns and More…”

  1. Thank you for sharing! Completely adorable…Maybe something I can share with teens in Bible School.

  2. Love this idea, I love all things tropical! It will look great for our meals on the front porch this summer! I noticed the bird in the background (maybe a snowy egret or heron?) Did you make it or is it purchased? I just bought a metal pink flamingo from Pat Catans and put it in my bedroom with my tropical plants! lol

  3. Thank you Heidi, I am also a tropical girl. The bird in the background is a carved white heron. We bought it at a gallery in Sanibel about 10 years ago. I also like Flamingos, I hope to be painting more of them.

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