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Designing Challenges

Do you ever find that you have an idea in your head and when you start working on it you are just so disappointed you feel like giving up….throwing it in the trash, never to try to do something similar again.  This can also happen when you are trying to paint someone else’s design.


When this happens to me it is usually one of three scenarios:

1. Sometimes I have been tired and have been working on something too long and just need to walk away…then come back and look at it in a fresh light.  Sometimes the next day I am amazed at how great it looks or can easily see what needs corrected.  This happened to me when I was working on this popular design – Chickadees and Berries.  The next day I just adjusted a couple of the berries and was happy.


2. Many times a painting will take on an ‘ugly stage’. When this happens to me I usually need another layer of paint.  Often this will happen when I am painting birds, just adding another layer of strokes will shape the bird.


3. And then there is the time when you start something, you are excited about it and can clearly see the results…..but the results are so disappointing that it is easier to start over than to try and fix what is wrong.  Even when you have a situation like this, try to learn from your mistakes.  Try to see what you like and want to keep and what you need to change.

I had this happen to me when I was working on my sweet treats design. I was not happy with the colors.  I also had the idea of using a stamp with the utensils on it but that was not working.


I then changed the colors. I love pink but it still wasn’t working. Notice that I keep the word “SWEET” but separate the letters.  I like the raspberries, but changed the color of them.  I also keep the cake stand but changed the color.  Getting there, but still not happy with it.


Now I am happy with the design.  I put a recipe in the background.  Notice how the cake is the same as the second take except for the stencil on the icing.  I also keep the word raspberries from the second take.  I also replaced the utensil stamp with a fork and glued it to the background.


I was so happy with the result that I created a coordinating canvas


I once heard Bill Gaither, who is a song writer, say that it is easy to have an idea, but it takes work and time to develop it.  It takes time to work things out.

Even though this post is about painting and designing I think we can relate it to many areas of our life…so whatever your heart is dreaming of I encourage you to keep trying, to keep pushing through….it will be worth it.

Happy Creating!


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