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Happy Thanksgiving from our House to Yours

I love the colors of fall and how the season encourages us to reflect on our blessings.  So today I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  I hope my sharing of ideas,  both decorating, creating and recipes are a blessing and encouragement to you and your family and friends. Every time I get a comment or a new follower I am encouraged to keep sharing….and when someone tells me they tried a recipe or project and liked it I am over the moon.   Thank you!

Today I thought I would share a few glimpses of my fall décor before I dive into decorating for Christmas.

These two decorate my patio and front door.  The hose lady is a Shara Reiner design and the scarecrow is by Maxine Thomas.

This is a view of my mantle in my living room, and yes the sculpture on the right is by my friend and artist extraordinaire Wendy Young.  The pumpkins in the fireplace are from my DIY  this year – Paper Mache Pumpkins



In this vignette you will see my design “Sitting Pretty” The white pumpkin is sitting in a DIY from last year – Festive Fall Pedestal – DIY


The pumpkin on the spring I created in a class with Wendy Young.


My living room and dining room is one large room.  This is the center of the dining table.


The mantle on the fireplace in my family is about nine feet wide.  These are pictures of each end of the mantle.  The pumpkins are from my DIY post this year – Paper Mache Pumpkins and the owl painting is from a post last year – Fall Owl Painting – DIY


My family room and kitchen are also connected.  In my kitchen window is  design I did a couple of years ago – “Fall Fruit Tree“.


On the hutch is my Fall Angel from the book Della and Company Celebrate Fall With Friends.


This is a tray insert that I painted with Shara Reiner.  The owls are another DIY from this year – Sculpted Fall Owl


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

Thank you for being a blessing to me.   To show my appreciation everything on my website  Jane Allen Creates will be 20% off from now until December 23rd.


PS. Here is a line drawing of two owls. They are painted on an 8″ x 10″ canvas.  Have fun with it and make it your own.   Printable PDF owl_pattern  Here is a picture of my friend Sophia and her painting using the design. Enjoy!



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  1. Oh Jane… everything is beautiful. I love your whimsy eyes and heart. Can’t wait to see the Christmas decor! Xxoo

  2. You are so creative. Thank you for sharing on such a special day , I am thankful for many things , family and friends and you and AL are two of them. Have a blessed day.

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