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Glass Glitter Houses

Last year I did a post on creating glitter houses which turned out to be very popular.  Many of my friends and family were inspired to create their own houses or have me teach them.

This year I am up to my eyeballs in glitter. 🙂  Our family made glitter houses after thanksgiving dinner, I am teaching two full classes at a local shop, and I have made houses to sell in the shop which after a week are almost sold out.


Many people are asking for how-to’s on creating the houses.  I have not changed much from last year, but I thought I would give you an updated version of what I am doing this year.

To start, I am using paper mache houses that are available from Hobby Lobby, and wooden turned trees and snowman from Bear with Us, Inc.  I am also using pine roping for wreaths and bakers twine for bows on the wreaths.


Last year I used battery operated tea lights inside of the houses, but this year I thought it would be nice toadd an electric light inside the houses, such as a pinch light or a small sting of lights.  After a little trial and error my husband found a 1″ drill bit that would give me the hole I wanted in the center back of each house.  When drilling, place something firm against the inside of the house like a 2×4.


You can paint the houses anyway you like.  This year I have painted (DecoArt colors) tomato red, winter blue, wasabi green, pink chiffon and a stone house.  I thought red would be the most popular color, but of the ones I sold at the shop all of the other colors sold first.   I start by painting the houses the color of choice, then the roof, ground and snowman soft white and the chimney toffee.  The trees are hauser medium green.


Then add the details. This up to you how much you would like to do.  I used a small flat brush and thinned tomato red paint to add the bricks to the chimney.  I used a white Faber-Castell pen to add the trim to the doors and windows.  I love this pen. It is easy to use and saves so much time.  They do come in other colors and you can get them at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Dick Blick.



Now the fun begins….adding the glitter.  This year I used a fine ground glass glitter called Diamond Dust.  The sparkle you get from the glitter is amazing.  You do have to be careful working with it because it is glass.  I would not recommend it for children.  Check last years post for a glitter I recommend for children.  Making Glitter Houses


Using a sponge brush and white glue such as Elmer’s, spread glue on, sprinkle with glitter, and shake off excess.  I like to work a small area at a time.  I also like to work over a large paper plate to catch the extra glitter.  The glitter transforms a plain house into a sparkling jewel.  Apply glitter to the snowman and the edges of the trees.

applying glitter copy

I use pine roping to make my wreaths.  Wrap the roping around something 3/4″ to 1″, fold edges back and trim.  I like to tie my ribbon through the wreath.  Brush glue lightly over wreath and sprinkle with glitter.

For a little extra sparkle I like to line the back wall of my house with scrapbook paper.


Use a glue gun to attach wreaths, snowmen and trees to house.


Here are pictures of a few other houses I created this year:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you would like to see other houses I create this season follow me on my Facebook page Jane Allen Creates.   Here is a link to the post I did last year on Making Glitter Houses.  My friend Amy Mogish just did a post on glitter houses using her style of rich dark colors and chalkboard paint.  Classic Chalk Art Glitter Houses.

If you live locally you can find all the supplies to create your own glitter houses at Bloom’s by Vickrey, 2125 Market Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011.

Hope you are inspired to create a Christmas memory,



PS.  This is a sneak peak at another house I will be doing a post on.





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  1. Thank you so much for the glitter house class. I love mine. You are so willing to share your talent with others, God bless you and Al.

  2. They are wonderful Jane! As always “you must not be afraid to sPaRkLe a little brighter , darling”. Sparkle on and Make the MAGIC happen!

  3. Hi Lynn, thank you for your kind words and encouragement, love how you said it! I think your package should come Wednesday. Thank you again, I can’t wait to see your magic.

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