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Sculpted Owl

A few weeks ago I took a 3 day seminar with Wendy Young, from Olde Moon Lane Primitives (  I learned so much from her and she got my creative juices going.  I encourage you to take a class from her or buy a pattern from her (they are also loaded with so much good information).

After looking at a paper mache egg I thought it was a perfect shape for an owls body so I started with a 4″ paper mache egg and two 3/16″dowels sticks about 3″ long.

You will want to work on a piece of wax paper or on a waxed palette and baby wipes are great for cleaning your hands.  For the sculpting you will also need Quikwood and DecoArt Extender.  The following videos will show you how to sculpt the owl:




Once the owl is sculpted I applied texture paste over the body and wings.  You can use DecoArt texture paste or Media Modeling Paste.  For this project I used a homemade paste that Wendy gave us the recipe.  Mix 2 T baking soda with 1/2 T white paint and 1/2 T white glue.  Add additional glue paint if needed.  It should be a spreadable consistency.  Use an old brush and paint on owl.


You can paint your owl any color you choose.  I used the following DecoArt  colors on mine:

  • Burlap – body
  • Khaki Tan – wings, brow and ears
  • Marigold – feet, iris, and beak
  • Soft Black – outline and pupil of eyes
  • Spiced Pumpkin – stripes on legs
  • Warm White – eye highlight and area around eye

I then antiqued mine using equal parts antiquing medium and Burnt Umber.  Mix together following package directions.  Brush on with an old brush and then wipe off excess.  When dry I sprayed with a light coat of DecoArt matte varnish.

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It is fun to see how each one takes on their own personality.


I hope you will enjoy creating this project.

Happy Creating,


PS.  My friend Sophia who is 8 made an owl with me.  She loved doing it and it turned out great.  Sophia painted it her school colors right down to the blue and white stripes across the nose.  And yes we did do a few owl projects, why do one when more is more fun.  🙂


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