Celebrating Advent

Even though I never had an advent calendar as a child, I like the excitement of counting  the days until Christmas.  For children you think of the calendars where you get a piece of candy or a small toy each day.   As an adult you know the true joy comes from giving to others.  That is what really makes the Christmas season special.


Last year my husband and I decided to count down the days by doing small acts of service for others.  I must admit that we didn’t always meet our goals each day, but being kind to yourself I think also counts.

One thing that I did was write a note to a couple that were very kind to our family.  My father got sick when I was young and passed away when I was eleven.  One year at Christmas they brought a gift for me and each of my brothers.  This left a big impression on me.  At the time I remember thinking I can not pay them back but in the future I can pass the kindness onto others.

I am sure that they never knew the impact of their kindness to me…..but last year at Christmas I made the decision to let them know by writing a note.  I found out that the husband has since passed away. I am so glad that I took the time to thank them.


This year we are going to do a reverse advent calendar.  We are going to place something in a basket each day and then at Christmas we will give those items to someone or an organization.  It could be a food item and then the proceeds be given to a food bank.  Being an artsy girl I am going to collet art items for kids and then give them to a school or after school program.  I am sure that you can think of your own worthy cause.


If you would like to see last years post that has suggestions for acts of kindness go here  Advent Tree of Service

I hope that you and your family get involved in an Advent activity and experience the true JOY of the season.

Blessing to you and your family this holiday season.



PS.  The pictures are of my advent tree in the book Jane & Amy Create Christmas


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