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May Flowers

I have always enjoyed flowers.  My mother always had big beds of flowers and now my husband keeps me in paradise, as he likes to say, by planting lots of beautiful flowers in our yard.

As an artist I have enjoyed painting flowers and I am drawn to a loose style.  I also love to decorate my home with my art as well as other peoples art.  I recently discovered C Brooke Ring’s art on Pinterest.  At the time she had many paintings for sale and I bought this one for my family room:


Here is a time lapsed picture of her painting “my painting”. I love seeing all the layers and details as they are added.

Recently Brooke has offered painting classes.  They are about two hours and you can paint along with her.  They are a Zoom class so you can ask questions during the class.  Once the class is over she posts them on YouTube. If you are having trouble keeping up you can go back and paint and pause at your own pace.

You can find the classes here:


I took the two flower classes and I am thinking about taking the other two.  I also have a feeling that she will be posting more in the future,

The first flower class I had sign up for was after the Zoom class went live so I just painted it using YouTube.  I thought I would show you how it went for me.

This is how my under painting looked after the first hour of class.


After the second hour of class this is how my painting looked:


The next day I went back and worked a little more:


I set it on the mantle in our family room and kept looking at it.  So I made a few adjustments.  I would still like to keep working on it, maybe even paint it again.


The second class I was able to do it through Zoom.  So here is my painting after the first day of class:


The next day I made some adjustments.  I would like to do a little more with it as well.  I think adding a few more layers makes a difference.  Also taking a break and just looking at it helps.  It is not so much about making my painting look like Brooke’s, but it is about me being happy with what I am doing and finding my own style in the process.


Please note these classes are for your own practice and enjoyment, and are not to be recreated for sale or distribution.

Brooke is a very generous artist and offers many tutorials and videos on her YouTube Channel:

I do not work very much with tube acrylics, but I enjoyed the classes and learned a lot.  I encourage you to check out her classes. They  are a lot of fun.



Ps.  Here is another picture of my painting on my mantle.  Notice the same picture in front of it. I got it from Bethany Joy.  I definitely like happy colors.


14 thoughts on “May Flowers”

  1. Beautiful, Aunt Jane! I love the striped vase~ your paintings are just wonderful! xoxo

  2. Your paintings are beautiful! Thanks for sharing this artist and your process. Fun to see.🙂

    1. Thank you Brenda, I am attracted to those colors too, I think they are happy

  3. Thank you Debbie, I like happy colors. It was easy to get lost in the process.

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