Christmas 2019

I enjoy decorating for Christmas.  One year I had put up 15 full size trees and a number of smaller ones for a total of 23.  I have not topped that record; in fact, some years I go very minimalist.

This year I decided to do a little more than usual.  It all started with a trip to Italy with my friend Shara Reiner.  She had taught two days and one of the projects was a nativity.


That inspired me to get out some other nativities and decorations that I have and before I knew it I had 11 trees up.  So I decided to give you a little tour of my house.  To get the full tour you will have to stop by.

This is my living room/dining room.  My large tree is in my front window.  This year I decided to put pink lights and balls on it as well as my collection of special ornaments that remind me of people, places, or things that we love.

We set up these wire trees which are for holding Christmas cards.  We then bought an instant camera to take pictures of our guests and place them on the tree.  It has been fun and will give us good memories.


I also have my Juliet Martin nativity in that room.


One of my favorite trees that I put up every year is a holly tree.  It has different length wonky branches on it with lots of space between them.  I love to use lots of white, sparkles and snowie things on it.

In my family room I have a tree with lots of red and lots of ornaments painted by dear family and friends.

 I also have in this room my Krinkles nativity and a tree with Krinkle ornaments.

In my studio I have a tree with Shara Jane ornaments and, of course, pink lights.


I also have another tree with Shara ornaments and Jane Lazenby.


My husband Al and I had fun decorating our house and having family and friends in to enjoy it.  We wish you and your family a very blessed Christmas.



Here are a few more pictures:


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10 thoughts on “Christmas 2019”

  1. Thanks for such a fun tour of your Christmas decorating – I really loved seeing all the unique items! May your Christmas and New Year Celebration be a very special and fun filled celebration, with family, friends and loved ones!!

    1. Thank you Laurel, I enjoy decorating so that others can enjoy it too. You also have a very blessed Christmas Season

  2. Jane that was so fun to see, we have downsized and do not have room for all the trees you put up, so I enjoy looking at yours!!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed our little tour. We have not downsized but it get harder and harder to get all of the things up and down the basement steps. Enjoy this Christmas Season.

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