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Christmas House Tour 2014 – Part 1

Hello Everyone,
It has been a while since I posted on my blog. My husband Al and I have been busy decorating our house for Christmas and I thought you might enjoy a little tour. As some of you know pink is my favorite color. So Al being the good husband put pink and white lights outside.  The little structure to the right of the front window is a manger that Al has built for me for a nativity that I am painting.  I still have a lot of painting to do so I will update pictures of the nativity a little later. (not sure what year :))

These are pictures of our living and dining room which is one large room.

!Living room1


To be true to myself I used a lot of pink in this room.  On the dining room table is my “I’m dreaming of a pink Christmas tree”

!pink Christmas

The Tree has multicolored and white lights.  The dimensional ornaments are all different colors, but the round balls are all shades of pink.  Don’t you love it?


On the fireplace mantle is a nativity that I painted.  It is a Juliet Martin design.


I also am a lover of angels.  The angel tree in the entryway is a Rosemary West pattern that I painted.  Love all of her happy colors.


These angels were painted by a local artist Diana DeWees. The shelf was painted by Ginger Edwards


When everyone was making cabbage patch dolls, I made these ladies for my Aunts. I designed them to somewhat look like them.  Now that my Aunts have passed away these ladies have a place of honor in my home.  They are a sweet reminder of two very precious people. who showered me with unconditional love.


This is a painting by Teresa Kogut, I love her work.


These are a few more photo of things in the room.  I hope you enjoyed this little house tour.  I will show you the other rooms soon.

May you be Blessed this Christmas Season!

Jane and Al

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  1. Beautiful house and tour. Now I know a little more about your style of decorating and painting. Thank you for sharing your Christmas decor and have a great holiday season!!!!

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