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Christmas House Tour 2014 – Part 2

Before I took you on a tour of my Living Room and Dinning Room, this week I thought I would show you the rest of my decorating.  We will start in my living room and family room which is one large room.  You can see by the colors in the room that I like to use red in my decorating here, but there are a few balls with pink on them. Can’t help myself. 🙂

This is a view from our family room into the kitchen.


I was trying to figure were to put these poinsettias.  The island and counters were so full of decorations that I threw it on the hood just to get it out of the way and ended up liking it there.


This piece was in PaintWorks Magazine and was called “Cookie Baking Day”


This Holiday Tree was also in PaintWorks magazine.


This penguin I bought from a local artist Deborah Hershey many years ago.


Here are a few kinds of cookies that you will find the recipes for on this blog.  One of the favorites is Aunt Sid’s Orange cookies.


You can now see into the family room.


This tree has a lot of hand painted ornaments on it.  Many are painted by myself, family and friends.  Each piece brings back memories of those special people in our lives.




The Santa is a Shara Reiner design.  My father had a small jewelry store and did clock repair.  It always reminds me of him.


My aunt had these two linen pictures of the nativity hanging all year long in her home. I now do the same.  Sweet memory of someone dear to us.


My mother-in-law painted two pictures and this is one of the them.  I especially like that it is a bird since I enjoy painting birds.  Another sweet lady in our lives.


This is one of the first things that I painted for my mother.  It is a Scotty Foster design.  My mother use to keep it out all year long.  When she passed away it came back to me. Now it sits on our coffee table at Christmas.  More memories that I love.


These are some more pictures of things in our family room.





In each of our bedrooms we have a small tree.  This is the tree in our guest room.  I love that I can see the tree from our family room.  A beachy theme, we both love the warm and the water.


We have a pink tree in our middle bedroom.  The wooden tree is a Shara design painted by Sandy Strickler.


This is the tree from our front bedroom.  Again you can see my love of pink.  My husband is a good man. 🙂


This truck was my husbands when he was young.


We have a four seasons room on our house that I use for my painting studio.  This is where I have my ultimate pink tree.  It is a flocked pink tree with pink lights.  Love it!



I also have a second tree in the room that has more pink decorations and a few Shara Angels.



I hope that you have enjoyed this tour of our home. May you and your family have a very Blessed Christmas.  I will post pictures of my completed outdoor nativity next time.



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  1. Wow, beautiful. But that so-called studio has no look of a painting studio–where did you hide everything? lol

  2. Your home is beautiful! Thank you for sharing; I always enjoy seeing how others decorate. Isn’t it a blessing to have so many things that have special meaning to you, that you can use in your own home.??

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