Lillian and Luckie

Need more help getting started with QuikWood (QW) go to this page: Quikwood Tips and Tricks

Bird Tail and Wings:

  • For tail and wings mix 1/16″ of QW and divide in 2.  Lay parchment paper over pattern.  For tail roll one piece into a small cone and lay on top of tail pattern and press into place.  Shape so that the clay fills the pattern.  For the wings roll into a ball and lay over wing pattern, press and shape to fill pattern.  Use blade and cut in half.  Allow to cure.

Making Holly:

  • Mix ½” of QW.  Lay parchment paper over pattern.  The leaves are different sizes.  Pull off a small ball for the smaller leaf and then divide the remaining clay in 4.  Adjust the pieces so that the clay is in proportion to the size of the leaf.  Roll clay into a coil the length of the leaf and lay on top of the pattern.  Flatten the clay so that it fills width of the pattern, then begin pinching to make top and bottom points.  Continue on side pushing in at sides and pinching at points to form shape of leaf.  Continue working until you are satisfied with the shape.  Pull a longer tail at the back so that you can place the leaf in the clay on the head.  Repeat for remaining leaves.  Let sit about 10 minute.
  • Place leaves over 8ounce paint bottle which is about 2” in diameter.  Allow to cure.  If you do not have a container as leaves cure pick them up and give them a little bend.

Creating Face:

  • For nose cut 1/4″ of QW, knead and roll into a ball, and then into a 1” cone.  Place slightly below center of your ornament, About 1 ½” from bottom of ornament.  Turn up nose slightly if desired.
  • For the eyes and mouth mix 1/8”+ of QW. Pull off two pieces of QW for eyes, and roll each into a ¼” ball. They should be the same size.  Place evenly above nose, and press slightly to flatten.
  • Use remaining QW to make five balls for mouth.  I like to increment mine with the largest at the bottom center.  Place on ornament and slightly flatten.  The largest ball is slightly smaller than the eyes.

Starting Nest and Bird:

  • Mix ½” of QW and roll into a 4” coil.  Wrap around bottom of ornament cap.  Press clay against the plastic on the ornament and up over top of cap.  
  • Mix ¼” of QW and roll into ball.  Pinch with fingers to create a flat pancake.  Place over ball, smooth by rolling in hands.  Press down over hook, if needed cut slit in ball with knife, pressing firmly in place.  Position tail on back of bird and insert tail into back of ball/body.  Blend clay onto tail. 
  • For the hook fold over piece of wire and trim to about 1/2 “ and insert into top center of bird or insert it into the back of the band for the nest. Allow to cure.

Adding Bird Head and Wings:

  • Mix 1/8” of QW and pull off a ½” ball for the birds head.  Roll into ball and place on top front of body across from tail.  To attach wings pull off two small balls and position on each side of body.  Lay front of wings on balls and press together.  Push clay ball on back of wing.  Blend any excess clay to body. 
  • With any remaining clay begin rolling coil and place them on the nest.  Keep them to the top of the nest.  Allow to cure

Finishing Bird and Nest:

  • Mix 1/8” of QW and pull off a -1/4” ball for the beak. Roll into a small cone and place on front of head.  Using Extender blend edges of beak to the head.  Reshape if needed.  Allow to sit about 10 minutes and cut open with knife.  Lift open with knife and then reshape beak if needed.
  • Pull off two small balls for eyes and position on each side of beak. 
  • Pull off larger ball of clay and make tendril on front of face.  Continue pulling off pieces of clay and making small coils to build nest weaving up and down.  Let  area at the bottom open so that you can put branch on bottom.  Mix up more call to complete if needed.  I mixed another 1/8” of QW. Allow to cure.

Adding Holly:

  • Cut 1 1/2″ of QW and divide in two.   Lay leaves out so you know where you will place them.  Pull 1/3 off of the one piece and roll into a 3” coil, place under nest across front of head.  Using remaining piece roll into a 4” coil and wave down left side of face.  Take other piece and roll into a 6-7” coil and wave down on right side of face.    If using older clay wait about 10 minutes to insert leaves, if using newer clay wait about 20-30 minutes. 
  • Begin inserting leaves into clay.  If you are not happy with the placement, push your clay back together and then reinsert.
  • If the holly leaves are not standing they way you want insert them into the clay and then pull them out. Let the clay cure and glue them in place with super glue gel.  When inserting the leaves in you can also mix a little clay and insert it into the holes and place holly in holes.
  • Allow to cure.

Adding Berries:

  • If needed you can add more coils to your nest.
  • Mix 1/4″ of QW and pull off ¼” balls for berries.  Position on branches and also on the ornament.  I like to put them in groups of two or three.  Mix more clay if needed.
  • Allow to cure.