How to have a cookie baking party

The holidays can be a busy time of year and it seems like we always run out of time to do our holiday baking. Turn your baking into a party by hosting a group of family and friends for a day of baking.

Tips and Tricks

  • Select the cookies you want to bake. Try to have a nice variety of flavors. Let people know how many kinds you will be baking so that they can bring containers to take them home in.
  • Mix the batter up ahead of time, this can be done up to a week ahead. If possible ask others to help with this step. Have batter clearly labeled.
  • On baking day make sure you have plenty of workspace. Tables set up in the garage will make a great place for cookies to cool and be packed.
  • On baking day, start with the cookies that will need additional things done after coming out of the oven, like icing, dipping in chocolate and assembling. Start with the lightest batters and work to the darkest since you will not be changing the pastry cloth and cleaning the cookie sheets between each batch.
  • When cutting out cookies use one cookie cutter shape for each kind of cookie. This will make cutting the cookies faster.
  • Never leave the oven sitting empty.
  • When the cookies are completed, package them.
  • Have some healthy food for lunch and snacks.
  • Start with a few kinds of cookies and add a few more each year. Keep trying new recipes until you find “keepers”.


5 thoughts on “How to have a cookie baking party”

  1. Love your blog Jane. I’m looking forward to another cookie bake. Thanks for sharing your ideas, how to do it and recipes with us. Mary

  2. Jane, Mom and I used to bake cookies together. We only baked about 5 varieties, but it was still fun. I really miss that!! Now, I just make my “Fried Walnuts.”

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