Colorful Friends Flowers

Ball Flower

Getting started:

Mix a little bit more than 1/8” of QW.  Insert 1/8” dowel into 1” Styrofoam ball.  Roll clay into a 1 ¼” coil and wrap around dowel.  Begin pulling clay up on ball until it is covered.  Blend clay to dowel using a little extender if needed.   Allow to cure. (Video)

Finishing Ball Flower:

Mix 1/8” of QW.  Pinch and make into a flat pancake.   Lay on parchment paper and begin cutting out flowers.  Reroll excess clay and make more flowers until you have used all the clay.  Place flowers on ball until the whole ball is covered.  Mix up more clay if needed.  Using pointed tool, push into center of each flower.  Repeat for other two flowers. Allow to cure. (Video)

Petal Flower

Making Petals:

Mix 1/4” of QW and divide into 5 balls that are about the same size..  Roll each ball into a cone that is between ½ – ¾”.  Lay on parchment paper and flatten.  Press little finger into the petal to make an indent.  Repeat for other 4 pieces.  If ends are not pointed pinch them to make a little point.   Allow to cure. (Video)

Starting Flower:

Cut 1” Styrofoam ball in half.  Roll / pinch edge of Styrofoam ball to make it a little smaller.  Insert 1/8” dowel into back of ball (Round edge of ball).  Depending on how you position the dowel on the Styrofoam will effect if the flower is looking straight up or if it is on an angle. Mix a sliver of QW and roll into a 1” coil and wrap around dowel.  Blend clay onto Styrofoam and up onto the dowel.  Use a little extender to blend onto dowel.    Allow to cure. (Video)

Finishing Petal Flower:

Mix a ¼” of QW and roll into a ball. Position on top of flower and blend edges down to cover any Styrofoam.  Only use the edges and keep most of the clay on the top.  Reshape top into a nice dome shape.  Insert petals around edges into clay and Styrofoam keeping them evenly spaced.  You can have the petals on an angle or straight out depending on what you like. Reposition if needed and reshape mound if needed.  Push eraser end of pencil into top of flower.     Allow to cure. (Video)

Foxglove Flower

 Getting Started:

Mix 1/8” of QW.  Press and flatten edge of 1” Styrofoam ball.  Insert 1/8” dowel in bottom of ball (flattened end).  Roll clay into a 1 ¼”coil.  Wrap the clay around the coil and begin pulling clay over ball.  The clay should cover the sides of the ball.  Then blend the clay to the dowel using a little extender if needed.  Let sit and cure.  (Video)

Finishing Foxglove:

Mix up 1/2” of QW and roll into a 2 ½” – 3” cone. Place on top of Styrofoam ball and blend edges down to cover Styrofoam.  This will work better if you let this section cure before continuing.  (I did not do that in the video and it was harder to work with.  Keep checking it while it is curing and shape if needed.  Allow to cure. 

For the flowers we will need the following:

  • ¾” of QW divided into 7 and roll each piece into a 1” – 1 ¼” long cone
  • 1/2” of QW divided into 6 and roll each piece into a 1” long cone
  • 3/8” of QW divided into 5 and roll each piece into a  7/8” long cone
  • 1/4” of QW divided into 5 and roll each piece into a 5/8” long  cone
  • 1/8” of QW divided into 5 and roll each piece into a ½’ long cone

Mix the first piece and divide and roll into cones, then mix the next section and continue until they are all mixed.   Note I am using the new QW that takes about 5o minutes to cure, if you are using the older QW I would mix the first section, open the cones and attach them to the flower and continue doing that with each section.

Using a #2 pencil insert the point into the fat end of the cone on an angle from the top.  Once in the cone roll pencil to open up flower.  You can then pick up petal and shape if needed.  Do that with all the cones.  The smaller the cone the less you will open it up. 

Starting with the largest cones begin placing at the bottom of your flower cone.  Evenly space them.  Move up ¾” and evenly space them around the flower cone.  Keep moving up and placing each roll until you reach the top.  If part of the top of the flower cone is showing great, if not roll top of last row of petal into a cone.   Use pencil to open any of the petals if needed.

Mix 1/16” of QW and begin pull off balls and place on top point of flower.  Start with bigger balls and make them smaller as you get to the top.  Using point of pencil or tool, place holes in each of the balls, starting at the bottom of them.  Allow to cure.   (Video)