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Last spring Shara Reiner and I were all set to have a retreat in California and Pennsylvania to make our Santa when Covid hit. We were able to have the retreat virtually. One of the things the ladies said they would like to see in the furture is something for fall/Halloween. So we put our heads together and came up with a series of ornaments.

We are offering three classes where you will make 3 ornaments in each class. If you sign up for all three of the classes we are not only offering discount pricing, but a free week of class with three more ornaments.

The first class will be Sunday October 11th from 1- 6 ET (12 – 5 CT, 11-4 MT and 10 – 3 PT). This is a great beginner class if you have never sculpted. Meet Sylvester, Corny and Hooty.

The second class will be Sunday October 18th at the same times. This class will add a few more skills to your sculpting resume . Meet Rosie, Special Delivery and Hilda.

The third class will be Sunday October 25th at the same times. You will be an old pro with sculpting by this time . Meet Squiggy, Acorn Hair and Sam.

The classes are $55 a week, but if you buy all three classes it will cost $155 and you will get the forth free. The kit for all 4 classes is $72 and for any of the weekly classes the kit is $27. shipping is inculded in the kit prices. The kits include the supplies you need to make each of the ornaments (Quikwood, Styrofoam, wire and asorted dodads).

The free class will be November 1 at the same time. By this time it will just be a sculpting party. Meet Button Boy, Harvest, and Boo.

The classes will be Zoom classes, but they will also be recorded. There will be a private FaceBook group that they will be posted in, plus you will be able to share all your creations in the group. The patterns also include a link to a facebook page with step by step photos for the videos.

Today Shara and I did a live chat to introduce the project and also share some ways that you can decorate with the ornies, such as putting them in a basket, on a tree, a cone or a container. During the classes we will be sharing other creative ideas to do with them. You can find our live chat on our FB page Shara Jane & Friends We would love to have you come over and join us.

Shara showed another creative idea on making holders for the ornaments out of toliet paper rolls. She also used the inside of a coffee pot for the other holder. Check out the video replay to get the full scope on these.

Purchasing Details:

You can purchase the classes and kits by going to my web site and clicking on the menu item Shara Jane, Zoom Classes, Fall Ories. You will then find a list of the different class and kit options and any additional supplies you might need for class. Here is a direct link to the page Fall Ornies

When you finish purchasing the classes there will be a download box so that you will be able to download the pattern. If you miss it contact me and I will email it to you. (

Here is a sneak peak of another blog class that we will be doing Nov 14, 15. We will provide more details later.

Shara and I want to thank you for coming out and chatting with us. We are loving all the positive response from you.

Big Hug,

Shara & Jane

PS. Some people were asking about our headpieces, you can find them at Grandinroad.

The checked garland on Shara’s Tree was from Hobby Lobby.

I got my pom pom garlands from Etsy.

The one on this tree I got from Gracie and Marie, in which I picked custom colors: Orange, tangerine, goldenrod, chartreuse,turquoise, camel

This one below is from the Rainbow Barn.

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