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Psalm 91

During these scary times we don’t know where to turn, but I have turned to God’s word and pray Psalm 91, the Psalm of protection, over myself, my family and friends, my neighborhood, my church, my town, my county, my state, my country and my world.

My church has a sister church in Panguma, Sierra Leone.  During the Ebola outbreak the hospital there would pray Psalm 91 over the hospital and town.  Even though they were in the center of the outbreak they did not have one case of Ebola.

If I gave you a winning lottery ticket and you did not claim it, it would be of no value to you.  The same is true for Psalm 91. It is full of God’s promises but we have to claim them for ourselves. I encourage you to claim them for yourself and pray Psalm 91 every day over yourself and those around you.

Below is Psalm 91 from the Living bible. I have personalized it for myself so that it is a prayer from me to God.  The words I have changed are underlined.  I encourage you to memorize it so that you always carry it with you.


Psalm 91

Living Bible (TLB)

1 We live within the shadow of the Almighty, sheltered by the God who is above all gods.

2 This I declare, that you alone are my refuge, my place of safety; you are my God, and I am trusting you. 3 For you rescues me from every trap and protects me from the fatal plagues. 4 You will shield me with your wings! They will shelter me. Your faithful promises are my armor. 5 Now I don’t need to be afraid of the dark anymore, nor fear the dangers of the day; 6 nor dread the plagues of darkness, nor disasters in the morning.

7 Though a thousand fall at my side, though ten thousand are dying around me, the evil will not touch me. 8 I will see how the wicked are punished, but I will not share it. 9 For Jehovah you are my refuge! I choose the God above all gods to shelter me. 10 How then can evil overtake me or any plagues come near? 11 For you orders your angels to protect me wherever I go. 12 They will steady me with their hands to keep me from stumbling against the rocks on the trail. 13 I can safely meet a lion or step on poisonous snakes, yes, even trample them beneath my feet!

14 For you my Lord says, “Because you love me, you will rescue me; You will make me great because I trusts in your name. 15 When I call on you, you will answer; you will be with me in trouble and rescue me and honor me. 16 You will satisfy me with a full life and give me your salvation.”



Peggy Joyce Ruth has a book called Psalm 91.  The first half of the book explains what each verse means. The second half of the book shares stories of God’s protection.  Here is a link to the book on Amazon : Psalm 91 She also has a version for children and teens.

I hope Psalm 91 is a blessing to you and your family and gives you peace and protection.



Below is a song that I have found very comforting, I hope it blesses you.

18 thoughts on “Psalm 91”

  1. Excellent & timely post Jane! Thank you. Loved the scripture & song – one of my favorites!

    1. Thank you Scheri, I love the song too. There is so much power in Psalm 91. Blessings and protection to you, Ken and your family.

    1. Thank you Patti, I love how is see that verse in the jewelry you make. Blessings and protection for you and your family

    1. So glad that it blessed you, thank you for your prayers. May God bless and protect you and your family

    1. Thank you Linda, it is definitely for today. May God Bless and Protect you and your family!

    1. Thank you Charlotte, God put me under conviction to share his word last night and I obeyed. Blessings and protection for you.

      1. I am thankful for your attentive ear. I have just shared this with a friend, too. Prayers, hugs and love to you for safety, and for sharing your heart.❤

      2. Thank you for your kind words and sharing. I always want to be where God wants me to be. May God Bless and protect you.

    1. You are very welcome Donna, May God cover you and your family with his blessings and protection

  2. Thank you Jane for such an encouraging post – I will be praying Ps 91 over my home, family, neighborhood, state and nation – Hallelujah!!

    1. Laurel, so glad that you were blessed by the post. This psalm is life changing. May God bless and protect you and your family.

  3. Thank you so much for posting Psalm 91. I have printed it out and will keep it with me at all times, reading it daily. I loved the video too. Take care and be safe.

    1. Thank you for commenting Coette, I am glad that you are being blessed by Psalm 91. May God Bless and Protect you.

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