NEW Shara Jane from Las Vegas

Isn’t it funny how spending time with friends creating can turn into something new and wonderful.  Last summer Shara Reiner and I got together to play. Our plan was to create some of her birds dimensionally using Quikwood along with other things.  The first day started off a little slow with each of us trying to see the others vision, but the next day that all changed.  We were sculpting angels, Santa’s, and snowmen.  We had so many ideas that we couldn’t keep up with ourselves.  We sculpted from morning to night – it was a creative high.  And then Shara said we should turn these into patterns and Shara Jane was born.  We came out with our first set of patterns last fall.

Then we had the crazy idea to do the Las Vegas show this year…so we came out with more new fun patterns.  Each of our patterns are a little bit Shara, a lit bit Jane.  Some are more Shara and some more Jane but they are all Shara Jane.  If you look closely you can see some of each of us shining thru in them.

We NOW have our new patterns on our websites.  In the next week or so we will have the bits and pieces to make the projects on our websites. These will be some of the thing’s that you just can’t get at a craft store such as  the carts, vases, and tree base.  The patterns also have instructions to make those things.

Speaking of patterns, did we tell you that all the patterns link to a web page with videos that give you step-by-step instructions.  So you can watch a video and then do the step.  We have worked really hard to make these projects easy for you to do.  We hope you will enjoy creating these new projects.

Our new projects at Las Vegas Creative Painting Convention:

108 Starry Night Flight:


109 Up, Up, & Away:


110 Posie Power:



111 Flower & Posie:



112 Christmas Joy:


113 Woodsy Snowman:



114 Sid & Sam:



115 Peter & Priscilla:


In case you missed seeing our first designs, here they are (They are also on our sites):


Hop over to our websites to see the new patterns:

Shara – Click on Shara Jane link, patterns will be on right side of page

Jane –    Click on Shara Jane link or What’s New link

Shara lives in California and I live in Pennsylvania  so to save on postage and/or time pick the one of us that is closer.

We hope you enjoy creating these designs

24 thoughts on “NEW Shara Jane from Las Vegas”

    1. Enjoyed reading this today! Saw your great things in Vegas! Love all that you two are creating!!! So great that you will have everything available to complete the new projects! Thank you!

      1. Thank you Christine, we are enjoying the journey. Having people like what we are doing makes it so much sweeter.

  1. Each one is cuter than the one before! I think the posies are my favorite! (Thinking spring!)

    1. Thank you Susan, Posies were the 2nd most popular, Christmas joy the most popular

    1. Thank you so much Amy, your love of Shara Jane means a lot. Hope we get a chance to play in the future

  2. These designs are fantastic,fun and fresh. You can tell you had a blast creating them. Now, I have to decide which one to start with.

    1. Thank you Donna, we definitely had fun creating them, and lots of ides for the future

    1. Thank you Sharon, we will be here for you. I love that you are sacrificing what you really love for lent.

    1. Thank you Wendy, you have been an inspiration to us. Yes it would look good in your space but you would have to go to CA to get it! 😊

  3. So creative Jane and Shara! I so enjoyed making 12 of your Holly Ornaments for grands , nieces and nephews for Christmas. Everyone loved them! I still have my Queenie, Princess, Frostbite and Snowflake to make.

    1. Thank you Lynn so glad you enjoyed creating our girls….and that your family loved them. Look forward to seeing you at net.

  4. I absolutely love your designs but I haven’t worked with the quickwood medium before, and it seems a little intimidating. Is there a you tube video to watch to put me at ease before I order?

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