Wendy & Kevin Young Benefit Seminar

This past weekend my painting chapter, Penn’s Woods Painters, Amy Mogish and myself did a seminar to bless Wendy and Kevin Young.   Wendy is a very talented, sharing, sculpting artist and many of us have been blessed to be able to learn from her. In February her husband Kevin became ill and is now disabled. It has been financially devastating for them  and as fellow artists we wanted to do something to help them.

My whole goal was to bless them, but I can not tell you how truly blessed I am from the weekend.  It was so wonderful to create and share with other creatives.  We laughed, we shared, we created and, oh yes, we ate together.  And each day my heart was overflowing with joy.  I am still basking in the warm glow of the weekend  We were all blessed!

I can not thank my chapter enough for their support, especially President Linda Kapp, who took care of all the paper work and most of the food.  Also a big thank you to Amy who drove 2 hours each way to share her talent with us.  There are so many others to thank who were so generous and gave door prizes and sent monetary gifts.  Thank you for being a blessing to all of us.

I know that many wanted to come to the seminar but it was just too far to come or the timing wasn’t right.  Amy and I decided to sell our seminar patterns on our respective websites for the mouth of August with the proceeds going to Wendy and Kevin.

Amy’s pattern is called “Cheese Please!” and you can find it here:


The first project that we did was from my blog which you can find here:  The post has some other ideas in it too so I created a pdf for the class which I will share with you here: Heart Project (PDF)  This is a free project.


You can find my patterns on my web site under the “What’s New” tab, here is a direct link:  Each of my patterns are E-Packets. As soon as you pay for them you will see a download icon in the middle of the screen that you can click on and download to your PC.  In each packet there is a link to a page with the same step-by-step documentation plus videos for each step.

Bluebird of Happiness


Holly Snow Lady


Starlight Starbright


This is Linda, my right hand, accountant and personal seminar chef.  I love when people are creative and make a project their own.  Linda took flowers like we made in the heart project and added to the snowlady.


Thank you for all your generosity and kindness.

Love and Blessings,


Here are more pictures of the seminar:


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