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Words to Inspire Ornaments

Words are powerful. They can encourage, inspire, and help us to believe in ourselves.  So why not put those words on a Christmas Ornament where they can be seen over and over.

To make these ornaments I started with a paper mache  4″ ball ornament.  You could use the ornament as it is, but I decided to make mine a little fancier by adding a finial.


Drill a hole in the finial so that you can attach a wire hanger.  Also drill a hole the size of the bottom of the finial in the paper mache ball.  You could attach the finial with glue, but I choose to use Quikwood in order to have a nice finished edge.

If you would like some tips on using the Quikwood check out the video on the page – Paper Mache Ornament


Now for the fun. Paint the balls any color you would like and paint on dots using a 3/4″ dauber.  Notice that an egg carton makes it easy to hold them while they dry.


Paint your finial using your favorite metallic color.   Freehand on your words using a complementary color.   Think about what would be the perfect word of encouragement for the person who will receive each ornament.


Next you will want to add glitter, so first slip a wire into the hole in the finial so the ornament can hang while drying.  Holding by finial, spread white glue over ornament using a sponge brush.  Sprinkle with glitter and hang to dry.  I used glass glitter on my ornaments because I like the extra sparkle.


Once they dry add a hanger to the top.  If you need ideas on making hangers check out these pages with instructional videos Feathered friends ornament hanger   Sing, Sing, Sing ornament hooks

When done I added a little bow of glittered toile.


Now think of all the people in your life that you can inspire with your words and start creating.

I hope you enjoy creating these ornaments.  It would be a great project to do with a teen to give to their friends.

Painting Blessings,




11 thoughts on “Words to Inspire Ornaments

  1. Those are awesome!!

    1. Thank you Charlotte

  2. So sweet, sparkly and positive. Like you, Jane

    1. Thank you Bonnie

  3. Pretty neat….you inspire! …..and sparkle

  4. Thank you Amy

  5. I love how you add glass glitter to your projects. Much nicer than ordinary glitter.

    1. Thank you Effie, the extra sparkle is worth it.

  6. what a cute idea

    1. Thank you Christine,I hope enjoy making them

  7. I love these…how cute

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