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Fall Trees for Glitter Houses

When I was making the last glitter houses (See Fall Sunflower Glitter house and Fall Pumpkin House) we wanted to have some fall trees.  I was just going to buy some that come with the Department 56 or similar villages, but when I started looking they were either really expensive or I just didn’t like how they looked.

As I was looking around I found a fall bush that looked like perfect trees, it also came in a nice gold color and was on sale 40% off. – perfect!  A little Quikwood on the bottom and we would have great trees.


Daniel and I decided to cut the stems to the length that we wanted for our house.  Remember the taller the more top-heavy.


We were just going to make a ball of Quikwood and stick them into it when we found that using a little wooden flower pot upside down help to hold the tree and also allowed us not to have to use as much Quikwood.


Since the Quikwood takes about 20 minutes to set up we used a few paint bottles to steady them.  We would keep checking them and adjusting them as needed.  Once dry we painted the Quikwood a color that went with the tree trunks.

These were a fun, quick project that complemented our glitter houses.


To see how to make the glitter house go to Fall Pumpkin House

Hope you enjoy this project.

Happy Fall,


PS Ps.  You can order Quikwood from Wendy Young at Olde Moon Lane.  Here is a link to her blog talking about the product: Olde Moon Lane

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