A Day at Hoot 2017

This is the first time in probably 10 years that I have not worked in a booth at Heart of Ohio Tole Painting convention (HOOT).  For most of those years my husband and I helped Della and Company, AKA Della and Bill Wetterman and last year I shared a booth with my creative friends Amy Mogish and Wendy Young.

I was not going to come, but at the last minute decided to come and spent the day on the trade show floor.  I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of what was happening there:

This is Chris and John Haughey at Cupboard Distributors


and the kids that work with them – Lindsey, Jenn and Drake


Susan Mynyk, assistant editor of the Pixelated Pallet


and here is Deb Antonick demoing in the Stampendous booth


Laurie Speltz is also demoing


Scheri and Ken at Brushes and More looking good in their pink Aliyah shirts that match their new brush line.


Lynne and Ken Andrews with lots of goodies in their booth


Sandy McTier and Jillybean


Tracy Moreau and me


Margot Clark


Chuck and Kitty Gorrell


Lynne Deptula andDave


Maxine Thomas and Kim Hogue


Curtis Smith of Viking Woodcrafts


Dawn Knowles Interactive Artist Magazine


Larry and Cheri Rol


Bob, Kathie and the crew of Bear with Us


These are just a few of the vendors at the show. I am sorry that I did not get more pictures but I had to do a little shopping.

There is just an excitement in the air when you go to a trade show. It is fun to see all the new surfaces and patterns, but the best part is connecting with old painting friends and making new ones.

The show is open for two more days, so if you have a chance treat yourself to a visit and take a big shopping bag.

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10 thoughts on “A Day at Hoot 2017”

  1. Great photos! I know most of the names, but not all the faces….so it was nice to put them together. Thank you.

  2. I loved you tour, I usually go, but can’t walk much now, it’s good to see all those friendly faces of people I’ve talked to and purchased from. Is it me or are we getting older ……………..can’t be

  3. You missed the art show, viewing room and the gift shop and all the great classes. Glad you came and enjoyed.

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