Ornament Exchange – a new multi artist book 2017

What happens when you get a bunch of amazing artists together who like to paint Christmas Ornaments?  That’s right, you have an ornament exchange and share all the wonderful new designs with your painting friends in a book.

“Ornament Exchange with Friends”  will be coming out at HOOT 2017.   Please check out your favorite artist website to get the book or pick it up at HOOT from Viking.

I think you will have to agree with me, it will be hard to pick a favorite with so many wonderful designs.

Happy Painting,


Feathered Friends
by Jane Allen


Very Terrye Christmas Tags
by Deb Antonick


Under the Christmas Tree
by Kim Christmas


Let It Snow
by Debbie Cole


Season Tickets
by Cynthia Erekson


Bearded Santy & Ho Ho Ho!
by Barb Jones


Sugar Snow Ornaments
by Erika Joanne


You Can’t Catch Me! I’m the Gingerbread Man!
by Robin Mani


A Baa, Moo, Cluck Christmas
by Amy Mogish

baa cluck moo 020

Christmas Cuties
by Wendy Young

ho ho candy canemain picofficial pic

Hope you enjoyed our book tour!

If you have not seen the new book by Amy, Wendy and myself please check out our book tour: Creative Friends Makin’ Fall Fun








2 thoughts on “Ornament Exchange – a new multi artist book 2017

  1. Effie Carayannis

    WOW! A great collection of Christmas ornaments, there is something for everyone.. I love them all 🙂


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