Glitter Easter Egg Pedestals


Last week I did a blog post on making glitter Easter eggs (Time to Paint Easter Eggs).  I shared that I would show you another way to display them.  After a little trial and error I created these stands using 2 different wooden pedestals and a round plaque from Michaels plus a few CD’s.

I could picture the idea in my head right away.  When I went shopping I found that these larger 6″ wreaths were too big to lay on the top of the wood stands, so I thought I could use smaller wreaths, which looked out of proportion.   I thought I could open them and make them larger but they still did not look right.  I then thought I could make my own wreaths using some grapevine roping…what a mess.  I was then brainstorming how to make the top of the wood stands bigger and found that a CD was just the right size.  Once I solved that problem everything moved along quickly.

I decided to  paint my wooden stands and the CD’s with a white DecoArt chalk paint called Everlasting.   I  sanded the bases to give them a worn look, then glued the CD to the top of each base.

To assemble I randomly glued some moss to the edge of the CD, then glued the wreath to the base.  Next I glued moss to the inside of the wreath and randomly on the top.  To finish I slip a few feathers in the wreath.

Then place your egg on end in the nest you created.  (I did not glue the egg in place).


Have fun with this project and I encourage you to think about other ways to create the stands.  For example you could use glass candlesticks.  You could also place a small tin pan or a bowl on top.

A number of years ago my friend Patti gave me this little pedestal made from an old dish and a glass candle stick.  This could be a fun egg holder.

Your creations would look fun on your mantel or the center of your table.  I am going to use mine to decorate for our family Easter party.

Happy Creating,










4 thoughts on “Glitter Easter Egg Pedestals

  1. phyllis spaw

    Very cute idea! Btw your chocolate cupcakes are to die for!!! I tried the recipe a few weeks ago. Very yummy!!! I’m going to try a raspberry cheesecake filling next time I make them. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    1. janeallencreates Post author

      Thank you Phyllis. So glad that you like the cupcakes, they are one of my favorites and easy to make. I have substituted peanut butter for half of the cream cheese. My family liked them. Let me know how your raspberry turn out.


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