Thinking of my father today

Today is the anniversary of my father’s death and I have been thinking about him today. I know he did not choose to leave me fifty-one years ago, and because of my faith I believe we will be together again someday.  I don’t often share such personal things, especially to the world, but feel the urge to do so in hopes that you will be comforted especially if you have lost a loved one or even a pet recently.

This is a story about my father’s sister at the end of her life and how my father came to her.  I had written it at the time, because I knew that time would fade my memory and I did not want to forget a single sweet detail.

My father Carl Allen when he was little.
Carl Allen 1908 - 1965
Carl Allen 1908 – 1965

Aunt Sid’s last days:

Aunt Sid was my father’s baby sister.  Daddy was born in 1908, and then his mother married and she had two daughters, Greta (1912), and Hildred (1913) who everyone lovingly called Sid.  Even though they did not always live in the same home, the siblings were always close.  Unfortunately Daddy died at the young age of 56 in 1965.

Aunt Greta married, but never had children and Aunt Sid never married.  Daddy’s family was wonderful and always showed you unconditional love.  Needless to say, I always had a close relationship with them even though they lived an hour away from us.  The sisters always lived about a block apart and did everything together.  Aunt Greta being the older sister was the bossy one, and Aunt Sid always went along.  Sometimes to keep peace and sometimes I think it was just her easy-going good nature.  Aunt Greta died in 2000 at 88.

I was able to move Aunt Sid to an assisted living facility near me and my husband.  We were blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with her those last three years of her life.

The end of July 2004 Aunt Sid was not doing well and she was hospitalized.  This was a Tuesday, that night she slipped into a coma.  They told me that she would not come to; it would only be a short time until she died.  The next night I went to see her and she was still in a coma, I went for a supper break and when I came back she was sitting up in bed.

Aunt Sid was looking around the room and her eyes were sparkling, she said to me “Janie, look at all the food they have prepared.” Then she said “look at all the people here” She used her finger to count and include my husband and me.  There were 10 people in the room.  She then said to me that we should get back or Greta would be upset with us.  I still had not caught on and I said “Aunt Sid you know that Aunt Greta is dead”.  She then crossed her arms and said very emphatically “Well, I know that my brother is alive.”  I knew in that instant that my father was in the room with us.  Being the big brother he was there to walk her home.   Aunt Sid then said to me “look at the pretty little girl in the pink dress”.  This time being smarter, I asked her who it was, and she told me that she didn’t know.  I know that she was named after a little girl who had burned in a house fire and I thought that it might me her.

Aunt Sid adored my husband Al.  She looked at Al and I could tell that she was upset with him; she said “why aren’t you taking care of your dog?”  He asked her where it was, and she pointed to the corner of the room.  Aunt Greta always had a dog that the both of them would spoil.

Aunt Sid slipped into a coma on Friday evening.  I told her that I loved her and what a blessing she was to me, she spoke to me but I couldn’t understand because they had an oxygen mask on her.  I was with her when she slipped away on Monday afternoon.  I’m sure that the whole gang was there with her, and they are celebrating in heaven.

I feel blessed and very and thankful that God gave me that little glimpse into eternity.   I know that we never have to be afraid to die and that we are never alone.   I know that we can look forward to being with our loved ones in eternity, when we are done with this brief life.   As I was blessed by this experience, I hope that you will also be blessed.

Greta, Sid, and Carl when they were young
Greta, Sid, and Carl when they were young
Sid, Carl and Greta when my dad was home on leave.
Sid, Carl and Greta when my dad was home on leave.

From this story I believe:

  • There is food in heaven, lots of food, really good food!
  • Even if you die alone, you don’t die alone because those your love come to you and walk you home. And I think the party continues.
  • There are pets in heaven.

I hope this story does not fill you with sadness, but with peace, hope and joy.

Love and Blessings,








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  1. Jane, what a beautiful memory … thank you for sharing. It did not make me feel sad, but I rejoiced in the fact that we have common beliefs and know that we will be welcomed into heaven by all our loved ones and “furry” family members who have gone ahead. I have never thought about food … but if that is so we will be able to eat anything and not worry about weight gain.:) GRIN!
    Hugs to you dear friend,

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