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Clothespin Snowies

I was moving some things around in my basement when I found the starts to these clothes pin snow people and thought you might enjoy creating them. You will need a few clothes pins, toothpicks, doll stands, some twigs for arms, butterfly stickers for wings, paint, glitter, glue, ribbon and tulle and any other embellishments you would like.  If you don’t have them already, you can get most of these supplies at your local craft store.


Drill small holes for the arms and nose.  Cut off the end of a toothpick to desired length and glue in place.



Paint White, nose Orange and then add desired details.  I liked them equally with and without a mouth.


I used small branches from a hemlock tree for my arms.  You could use any little branch, pipe cleaners or wire for your arms.  I liked them big and wild, but did trim them in the end.  I added a fine glitter to them by brushing with glue and then adding glitter.  I like the sparkle it gives them and if you are making them with kids they will love this step…It’s magic!


For the ladies I added a tulle skirt.  I took two layers of tulle folded them in four and cut out a circle.  I then cut a hole in the center.  With needle and thread I ran a running stitch around center;  then place on clothes pin at waistline, gathered tight and tie with a knot.


Hot glue a ribbon over the top of the skirt on the snow lady.  Wrap ribbon around neck on snow man and tack in place with hot glue.  I glued a flower on her head for a hat.


If you would like a snow fairy (and who wouldn’t) use a butterfly sticker for the wings.  The back of my wings were sticky so I just covered them with glitter.  I also glittered the front.  When dry I glued the wings to the back of the clothes pin.  If you want an angel, just add a pipe cleaner halo.


I glued my snowies in place in the doll stands.  This is a great snowy day project and these could also be fun ornaments.

Enjoy these cold days of winter,


PS.  Here is a picture of some snow ladies that I like i painted last year. Just a few more details. 🙂


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  1. Wow ! You look at a clothes pin and see all the possibilities. I look at a clothes pin and see a clothes pin. Beautiful !!

  2. “If you would like a snow fairy (and who wouldn’t)…”
    That is my favorite line! Snow fairies all the way!

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