Tips on Decorating your Mantel

Just like decorating a tree there are no specific ways to decorate a mantel, but I thought I would share a few tips on how I do it.  First I think about how I want the mantel to look.  Do I want my garland to go across the top, on the front edge, or swag off of the mantel.  I then think about where I want the garland to connect to the mantel and add command hooks following the manufacturers instructions.


For this mantel I added pine roping as my base.   Since I wanted the garland to dip down in the front I added command hooks to the top back of the mantel and about a foot in on the top front of the mantel.  I attached  floral wire to the garland and then wrapped it around the hook in each area.  This garland is pre-lit, if not I would add lights next.


Then I would start layering my garland.  I added another more decorative garland on top of this.  You can again wire to hooks as with your base.  You can also use some of your base pine that is wired and wrap it around your top garland to hold in place.


I then added some picks that match my garland at each end.


I have a holly thing going on in this room so I thought I would add a few holly picks, but for me this holly was too much.  You never know until you try.


So I tried some more subtle holly and like it a lot better.

mantel5 copy

Now you can add your finishing touches.  You could wire pine cones, or Christmas balls to your garland.  I added a banner over the top of mine and added my nativity to the mantel.   I am pretty happy with it, I like how the banner looks on top of it and conveys the message I wanted.

mantel 6

When doing your mantel you can add all of these layers or just one or two.  Just add what you want to create your look.  Try different things until you find what makes you happy.

On my mantels I remove my command hooks every year.  If you can’t see the hooks such as on top of a hutch or an entertainment center I leave the hooks on from year to year.  I have some that have been there for over 10 years and they still work.  I also add the hooks to the inside of doors to hold wreaths, and then just slid a ribbon over the door to hold the wreath.


Hope this is a help to you as you begin your decorating.

Enjoy every minute of your holidays.



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