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Welcome Fall

I have been trying to decorate the outside of my home for a few weeks, but it seems many things are against me.  First I bought mums that were late blooming, so that I could have them longer.  The only thing is they are not blooming for my pictures.  Then it started raining and kept up for days.  So the one morning I got up it had stopped raining and even though it was cloudy I decided to take pictures.  Well, that day the fountain pump broke.  So next year I will have pictures of the fountain running…maybe.

!1FrontpathThe one thing I love this year is how lovely my annuals are looking for fall.  The front walk way is lined with orange and pink lantanas.

!2frontwalksunflowerAt my front door is a scarecrow that I painted many years ago.  I think it is a Maxine Thomas pattern.


This would be the scarecrows view as he looks across the front of the patio.  I love how big and festive the zinnias are by fall.

!6front5The hose lady sits on my patio all summer, but with a few pumpkins I think she is ready for fall.  The pattern is by Shara Reiner.

!7hoselady2I love how nature helps me decorate by adding the beautiful leaves to the settee.


This is a closeup of the basket to the left of the front door.


When I was taking pictures I was just amazed at the beauty of nature around me and how the plants that looked so beautiful in summer have now recreated themselves for fall.  A hydrangea tree whose flowers have now turned green and pink.


An American Beautyberry bush now with purple berries.



!999birdhousesViburnum berries and Impatiens along with a flamingo.  If you know me you know I love pink and flamingos.



More lantanas and hydrangeas in the back of the house


!9999999hygranga backI hope that you have enjoyed the outside of my home.   I will be showing you inside soon.  Happy Fall to you and yours,



!99999999garagewreath copy


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    1. They are zinnias, I think they are called state fair. They are to grow 24″ – 36″ but always grow much taller for us. Both the zinnias and lantanas are drought tolerant, so they are easy to take care of. we only water them when we first plant them.

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