Learning from others online

This weekend I was browsing through Pinterest and found the work of Karen Milstein  I loved her faces and saw that she offered online classes so without hesitation I signed up for the simply painting faces.  I watched the videos and did the project with the supplies that I had on hand.  This is my results:


Karen paints with gesso using pastels, water soluble pencils and crayons and some craft paints to add pigment.  She adds lots of layers with the gesso. Her technique was new to me, yet I found with her instructions it was easy to do and I was pleased with my results.  It was a fun relaxing project and I learned so many new things.

The wonderful thing about online classes is you can take them anytime and place and many of them give you unlimited access.

Happy Painting,


PS. I would love to hear about your favorite online classes.

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