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Still time to paint for fall

The days are getting cooler and I know that we are all anxious to get our homes decorated for fall.  How can we not be with all the merchandise being out in the stores for what seems like months.  In fact it makes us feel like we have already missed our window of opportunity. …but that is so not true.  We even have time to start painting a new piece or two for this year.  If you are looking for some great ideas you can find them in the new book Della presents

“Celebrating Fall with Friends”.Celebrate Fall cover copysm

These are pictures of the projects in the book, I think you will enjoy them.


Celebrate Autumn Angel
By Jane Allen
A step by step worksheet of this project is available on my blog here


No Crows Allowed
By Lynn Andrews

imageBatty Frog
By Chris Haughey

imagePumpkin, Gourds, & Squash  — Oh My!
By Robin Mani

Robin has 4 worksheets for this project on her website here

By Amy Mogish
Go to Amy’s blog and find bonus instructions for the key tie-on and more… here


Thankful for…
By Maxine Thomas
Email her at


Harvest Time
By Rosemary West


Boogie and Oogie
By Deb Antonick


Fall into Christmas
By Kim Christmas
Kim provides step-by-steps in the book for this project

Check out each of the artist website for more of their wonderful designs and also to purchase books.  Books can also be purchased through:

This is a design that I did on a cupboard distributor’s surface.  The pattern is available on their site and also on mine.


Happy Fall, Happy Painting,

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