113 Woodsy Snowman

Quikwood Basics:

  • Quikwood is a two part resin.  When mixed together you have about 20 minutes of open time before it begins to cure.  It will fully cure in 24 hours.
  • Only cut off as much as you need at a time.
  • Make sure it is thoroughly mixed together (no swirls of color) or it will not cure.
  • Do not wear jewelry especially rings when working with QW.
  • Apply Avon Silicone Glove before starting and as needed when working with the QW.
  • Use DecoArt Extender to blend QW being careful not to use too much or it will make your QW gummy.
  • Before painting wipe surface with baby wipe to remove any oils.

Video on Quikwood Basics:

Sculpting Instructions:

Head :

Cut ½” QW and roll into oval shape.  Place parchment paper over pattern.  Lie in center of pattern and begin pressing and patting with palm of hand until clay fills the pattern.  Apply more pressure on out side edges since you are creating a dome shape.  Allow to cure.



Flatten 4” cone and cut in half.  Using ruler, draw a line for every inch on the outside of one of the halves.  Mix up 1” of QW and begin pinching and pressing to make a pancake, lay on parchment paper and flatten with your palm.  Using the small hand cutter begin cutting out hands.  You will need 15.  Reroll excess and continue cutting hands.  If you do not have enough mix more as needed.

Cut cinnamon stick to 5”.  Mix ¼” of QW and lay a small piece on the top back of the tree.  Lay the rest of the clay at the bottom center.  Lay stick on top.  The trunk should look like it is coming out of the center of the tree.  Flip and begin adding hands for branches.

Beginning at bottom of the cone place five hands across the bottom of the tree.  Flip some so all the branches are not going the same direction.  Blend back of hands to cone.  Add and blend 4 hands to the next line, then 3, then 2 until you get to the top of the cone.

Cut sliver of QW and lay on top inch of tree and blend to a point.  Insert three inches of wire in the top.  Place single hand under point of tree.  Lift up tips of branches so that they lay out. Allow to cure.

Snowman Hat:

Mix ½” of QW and roll into a fat 2” cone.   Lay on parchment paper and flatten.  Pick up and begin pushing in center of fat end and pulling on sides until you have a circular shape.  Lay on top of head and pat in place.  Wait 5 minutes.

Lift end of hat up and forward with the very tip flipping up.  Roll tip between fingers to make a thinner point.  Keep watching to make sure it does not move out of place.  Allow to cure.

Mix up ¼” of QW wood and pull off a ball about ¼” for ball on cap.  Push small hole in ball and add a little super glue gel and place on end of hat.  Reshape if needed.

Pull off another ball that is 3/8”, this we will use for the nose.

Roll remaining clay into a coil about 2” long and lay over front of hat.  Gently pat into place.  Press down with x-acto knife to put ribbing in hat, then come back and cut from each edge to give more definition to ribbing.

Pick up remaining piece of clay and roll into a cone about ¾” long.  Lay in center of the face and turn nose up.  Allow to cure.


Kids Bodies & Heads:

Insert 1/8” dowel thru 1” Styrofoam ball with ½” of dowel through top of ball.  Mix 1/8” of QW and divide into 3, and then divide each piece into 2.   Roll small coil and wrap around top of dowel and blend QW onto ball and then dowel, repeat for bottom of ball.  Repeat for other two kids.  Allow to cure.

Mix ¼” of QW and divide into 3.  Begin pressing and flattening and cover Styrofoam on their bodies, using extender if needed.  Insert 6” piece of 20 gauge wire through body at shoulder level.  Center wire.  Repeat for other two.

To make heads mix 1” of QW and divide into three.  Roll each into a ball. Push hole in bottom with point of tool or pencil and place a little super glue gel in hole.  Press onto dowel and reshape if needed.  Cut off end of toothpick to about 3/8” long.  Insert into center of the face for the nose.  Reshape if needed.  Repeat for other 2.  Allow to cure.


Attaching Legs and Head to Snowman:

For the legs mix ½” of QW and divide into 2.  Lay parchment paper over pattern and wood shape on top.  Roll clay into two balls then into two short cones and place over pattern.  Begin pressing and patting until clay fills shape of pattern, keeping clay thinner at the bottom.  Blend top onto wood.   Using tool place hole in bottom of each leg.

Use a little of Super Glue Gel on lower back of head and attach to top of board following pattern.



Mix ½” of QW and divide in 2.  Roll each piece into a 2” cone.  The cone should have a skinny tail.  Lay on parchment paper and bend at ankle.  Allow to cure.

Mix ¼” of QW and divide into 4.  Let sit 5 minutes. Roll two pieces into an oval ½” wide by 1” long.  Flatten and square up shape.  This will be the side of each of the shoes.   Use tool to place holes in side.  Pick piece up and lay on side of boots below top tip of leg.  Blend edges onto boot. Keep eye on piece so it does not droop.

To create socks roll other two pieces into two ovals about ½” wide and 3/8” high.  Shape to fit on top of shoe making them just a little wider than the boot.  Use x-acto knife and put ribs in sock. Cut down and then in from each edge to give dimension to ribs.  Use tool and put hole in top of sock.  Allow to cure.


Ribbing on Bottom of Sweater:

Mix up ¾” of QW and roll into a coil 5” long. Lay on parchment paper and flatten with hand.  Let sit 5 minutes, then pick up and lay across bottom of body.  Use x-acto knife and put rib marks on top, then come back and cut in from each edge to give more dimension to ribs. Allow to cure.


Kids Hats:

Mix ¾” of QW and divide into three.  To make each hat roll piece of clay into a cone about 2” long with a skinny tail.  Flatten end of cone, then insert pointed tool or pencil to open up and swirl to make larger.  Keep opening until it is wide enough to place on top of head.   Place on head and pat into place.  Keep point of hat standing up. Wait 5 minutes.  Repeat for other 2.

Roll very end of points between fingers to make a little thinner.  Bend top of hat to right, left or front.  Stretch hat if needed.  Bend tip of hat up.   Allow to cure.

To finish hats mix up 3/8” of QW and divide into 3.  Pull off small piece for ball of hat and roll remaining clay into a coil about 2” long.  Wrap coil around edge of hat and pat in place, joining at back.  Use x-acto knife and put rib marks on top, then come back and cut in from each edge to give more dimension to ribs. Roll small piece of clay into a ball and indent with tip of tool or pencil.  Put on a drop of Super Glue Gel and attach to tip of hat.  Reshape if needed and allow to cure.  Repeat for other two.



Mix up 1/8” of QW and pinch off a small piece about ¼” for the first bird.  Roll into a ball and then begin pinching to make a flat tail.  Pinch opposite end both top to bottom and side to side to make beak.  Attach to tree.  Repeat to make the rest of the birds.  For the bird flying off top of tree, cut wire to desired length.  Make bird same way as others and slip on wire.  Pull off very small piece for wings and roll into a ball then a small cone.  Flatten and attach to side of bird.  Add one wing to each of the birds on the tree and two to the flying bird.  Mix up more QW if needed.  Allow to cure.


Attaching Arms and Adding Tree:

To make it easier to paint, I painted the tree and my snowman before attaching them together.  Mix ½” of QW and divide in 2.  Roll each into a coil about 4” long.  Position his left arm on the snowman leaving the hand free, lay the tree in place and wrap hand over trunk.  Position his right arm and bring hand below the other hand.  Allow to cure.  Note if your arm is not enough to hold tree in place use a little super glue gel.


Star and Finishing Snow Kid ornament:

For the star mix up a sliver of QW and pinch to flatten.  Cut out star using the smallest star cutter.  Insert two holes for the twine.  Allow to cure.

For the ball at bottom of kid ornament mix up 1/8” of QW and roll into a ball.

To position arms, bend at elbow.  Bend back where hand would be, then bend thumb forward.  Trim excess wire.  Repeat for other arm.  After painting place star between thumbs and hand and glue in place.

Insert tool or pencil point in ball and place a little super glue gel.  Inset end of dowel and reshape if needed.  Hang until cured.

Note: if making an ornament insert hook in hat before it is cured, or mix up a little clay and add to back of ornament and attach hook.  If making as a pin, attach pin back when completed.  This would also make a cute package tie on.


Adding Hook and Pack to Snowman:

To make hook fold over 1” piece of wire.  Mix up ¼” of QW and pull off 3/8” ball. Place ball on back of snowman’s head on top of wood shape.  Insert hook into clay and allow to cure,

Fold up bottom of cone for pack and position to side of head.  Pull off small ball and lay on folded bottom of cone.  Divide remaining clay in two and roll into 2” coils.  Lay coils on inside edges of cone, and roll forward so they will make contact when placed on back.  Press into place.  If there is any excess clay coming from cone remove with clay blade.  Allow to cure.