Starfish Snowlady

Quikwood Basics:

  • Quikwood (QW) is a two part resin.  When mixed together you have about 20 minutes of open time before it begins to cure.  It will fully cure in 24 hours.
  • Only cut off as much as you need at a time.
  • Make sure it is thoroughly mixed together (no swirls of color) or it will not cure.
  • Do not wear jewelry especially rings when working with QW.
  • Apply Avon Silicone Glove before starting and as needed when working with the QW.
  • Use DecoArt Extender to blend QW being careful not to use too much or it will make your QW gummy.

Video on Quikwood Basics:

Getting started:

  • Remove top of ornament.  Pour Snow White paint into ornament and swirl around until ornament is covered.  Turn upside down and drain into cup. Tip:  I used a paper coffee cup which I was able to flatten sides – this made it easier to hold ornament.
  • Allow to dry overnight, then insert top back into ornament.

Creating Face:

  • Cut 1/2″ of QW, knead and roll into a ball, divide in 2.
  • Roll half into cone shape about 1″ long for nose.  Place slightly below center of your ornament.  Turn up nose slightly if desired.
  • Pull off two pieces of QW about the size of a pea, and roll each into a ball. they should be the same size.  Place evenly above nose, and press slightly to flatten.
  • Use remaining QW to make five balls for mouth.  I like to increment mine with the largest at the bottom center.  Place on ornament and slightly flatten.

Video for Creating Face:


Creating Seagrass:

  • Start with a piece of parchment paper about 4″ high x 8″ wide.
  • Cut 1/2″ of QW and blend together.  If this is the first time making seagrass you might want to mix up 1/4″ at a time.
  • Pull off a very small piece of QW and roll into a coil about 1/2″ – 3/4″  long. You will be making seagrass that is 3 and 5 point.  Lay all of your pieces from side to side on the parchment paper.  The rounded end will be the tips of your seagrass. Lay first cone on paper. Lay the second piece slightly back from the first piece and to the right.  Pinch the back of the piece to the first piece.  Create the next piece and place across from the second piece on the left.  Again pinch to attach to the center piece.  If you are making a 5 point piece attach two more pieces.  Make sure you have a tail on each piece of seagrass, this is what you will use to attach to head of snowlady.
  • Continue making 3 and 5 point pieces of seagrass until you have used all of your clay.    You should have about 9 piece.
  • Pick up the parchment paper and roll loosely into a tube about 2″ wide. Stand on end.  Hold the top of the paper together with a paper clip.  This will allow all your pieces to have a slight curve.  Allow to cure.

Video for Creating Seagrass:


Making Starfish:

  • Cut of 3/8″ of QW.  Working on a piece of parchment paper flatten clay about 1/8″ thick.  Cut largest star, then remix clay and cut next size star, remix clay and cut out smallest star.
  • To bevel edges of stars, pinch each point between finger and thumb.
  • Using tool or pencil point place larger hole in center of each starfish.  Then put smaller dots over rest of each star.  Allow to cure

Video for creating starfish:


I find it easier to paint my Seagrass and Starfish before attaching them to my ornament.  Paint starfish a wash of Raw Sienna and the seagrass one coat of Hauser Medium Green on both sides.

Attaching Seagrass, Starfish, and Berries:

  • Cut 1″ of QW and roll into a 4″ coil.  Place across top of head and about 1″ down sides.
  • Place largest starfish in the center front.  Then place medium and small star on each side.
  • Insert seagrass into QW.  I arrange mine so they are going down like hair would grow.  If needed use a little Super Glue Gel to hold in place.
  • Cut 1/4″ QW for berries.  Roll into 1/4″ balls and attach to clay between seagrass starfish.  If needed mix up more QW.
  • Allow to cure.

Video for adding seagrass, starfish and berries:


Jane Allen