Snowman Stocking

Trees and Greens

Mix ½” of QW.  Make a mark from top of skewer down ½” and then ¾” below that point.  Pinch and press clay into a thin pancake.  Cut one large hand, reroll clay and cut one medium hand and three small hands.  Reroll and cut a medium Kemper Star.  Allow clay to sit 5 minutes.  With remaining clay pull off 4 – ¼” balls for edge of stocking cuff. 

For tree pick up largest branch and fan fingers out and pinch back together and place at lower mark on skewer.  Pick up medium hand and fan fingers and pinch back placing at next mark.  Pick up small hand and fan fingers out and pinch back into a nice point.  Place on top of tree.  Place star on top of tree.  Allow to cure.

For pine pinch back of hands together and lift fingers, place on a right angle to each other with backs touching.  Allow to cure.  (Video)

Starting Snowman

For the snowman’s head mix 1/4” of QW.  Place parchment paper over pattern.  Roll clay into a ball and place on the pattern.  Using hand flatten to fill pattern, create a dome shape by applying more pressure on outside edges.  Slip toothpick under head and press into place.  Allow to cure.

For the body of the snowman mix ¾” of QW.  Cut off about ½” of toothpick on snowman’s head.  Place parchment paper over pattern.  Roll clay into a ball and then an oval and lay on pattern.  Begin pressing and patting to fill in shape, again creating a dome shape. Lift top of body with blade and slip toothpick attach to head under body.  Gently pat.  Push stocking up against bottom of body.  Blend clay to front of stocking.  Allow to cure. (video)

Toe of Stocking

Mix 3/8”” of QW and roll into a cone about 2 ¼” long.  Flatten top and lie on top of toe of stocking; and press and pat until the toe is covered.  While laying on pattern turn and curl toe.  Allow to cure. (Video) 

Candy Canes

Mix 1/4” of QW. Lay parchment paper over pattern. Divide into two, using half roll into a coil about 3” long for the larger cane.  Lay over pattern and shape and then gently flatten with hand.  Divide other piece in two with the one piece being slightly bigger than the other.  Use the larger piece for the second cane.  Roll into a 2 ¼” coil and lay over pattern.  Gently pat into place.  With the remaining clay make the third cane by rolling a coil 2” long.  Lay over pattern and gently pat into place.  If the end is pointed gently tap up on it.   Allow to cure.  (Video)

Back of Snowman and Tree

To finish back of tree mix 1/8” of QW.  Pull off small ball and place on top of the back of the tree.  Gently blend into place being careful to not have the clay show on the front of the tree.   Use a bigger ball for the middle and the remaining for the bottom of the tree blending all in place. Allow to cure.

For the back of the Snowman and toe of stocking mix up a little less than 1/8” of QW.  Pull off a small piece for toe of stocking and blend in place.  For the back of the head pull off a small ball and blend into place, use the remaining clay for the back of the body also blending into place.  If you would like your hook to be on the top of the snowman’s head fold over a piece of wire and cut a hook that is about ½” long.  Insert into clay on back of head. Allow to cure.

Details on Tree, Snowman, and Stocking

Mix 1/8” of QW.  For the snowman’s nose pull off a 3/16” ball and roll into a ½” cone.  Place back of cone on center of face with the point lifting up and to the right.  For the balls on the tree begin pulling off 1/8” balls of clay and place on the tree.  I put 2 on top tier, 4 on middle tier and 5 on the bottom tier.  Pull off three slightly larger balls and place in center of greens for berries.  Roll what is left into a ball and lay on heel of the stocking.  Begin pressing and patting to fill in the space. 

Snowman’s Scarf

Mix 1/8” of QW and divide into 3 with one ball being slightly bigger than the others.  Using smaller ball roll into a coil about 1” long and lay across front of snowman’s neck.  Gently flatten.  Take other small piece and roll into a 1 1/8”coil.  Lay coil right below scarf in the center of the body.  Gently flatten in place.  Roll remaining clay into a 1 ¼” coil and lay on top of scarf to the right of the other piece and gently flatten.  Using exacto knife or tool put a mark ¼” above each end and then put some marks down for fringe. 

Stocking Cuff

Mix ½” of QW and roll into a 2” coil.  Begin press and flattening to make a rectangle about 2 ½” x 1 ¼”.   Once shaped use blade to lift up and lay ¼” above top of wooden stocking.  Fold edges down and pat into place.  Be careful so that the edge about the stocking on the right does not fold down. Allow to cure.    (Video)

Adding Arm and Candy Cane

Note:  If I had the time I would stop sculpting and begin painting all of the pieces before continuing.

For the arm mix 1/16” of QW and pull off a small ball.  Roll remaining clay into a 2” coil.  Place one end of coil at the shoulder.  Put small ball on bottom end on candy cane and lay on body with end going over shoulder. Wrap arm over candy cane. (Video)

Inserting Candy Canes

Mix 1/16” of QW.  Roll into a small coil and place in area above stocking under cuff on right.  Insert canes into clay and allow to cure.  (Video)


Mix 1/4” of QW and roll into a 1 ¾” coil.  Lay on back of stocking so that you are covering seam of snowman and stocking.  From the front position tree, and then press into clay.  If you have painted your tree and stocking you can just blend the clay over the trunk of the tree.  If not just lift the tree out leaving the channel for the trunk.  When you are done you can glue the tree in place and cover with a sliver of QW.  For a hook fold over a piece of wire and cut about ½” long.  Insert into clay on back center of ornament.  When you have finished painting the ornament glue greens to cuff and balls to bottom of cuff.  (Video)