Snowman Pop Up Toy

Need more help getting started with QuikWood (QW) go to this page: Quikwood Tips and Tricks

Attaching Ornament Hook:

Since there are a number of ways that you can attach the hook you can choose which way you like best. 

  • While the clay for the hat is still wet you can fold over a piece of wire and cut it to ½” and then insert the hook into the top of the hat.
  • Punch a hole into the top sides on the cone and then cut enough wire to go over the ornament and insert the ends into the cone and twist to secure.
  • Make a small eyehook by folding over wire and then twisting the ends together.  Drill a small hole into the top of the ornament and glue hook in place.

Snowman’s  head:

Insert the 1/8” dowel in to the top center of the egg (pointy end) with about ½” + of the dowel showing.  Mix a sliver of QW and roll into a 1” coil and wrap around dowel.  Blend clay down onto Styrofoam and then up onto dowel.  Use extender if needed. Allow to cure. 

To cover head mix ¼” of QW and pinch between fingers to make a flat pancake.  Lay on head and begin pressing and patting to cover head.  Blend edges onto neck if needed.  Using fingers and pad of hand shape the face so that it is nice and smooth.  Make sure you have a nice smooth side for the face.  For the nose cut the pointed end of the toothpick off so that it is about ½” –  ¾” long.  Insert into center of face with about 3/8” of the toothpick showing.  I like to have the nose to point slightly upward. Push clay up to toothpick if needed.  Allow to cure. 


Mix ¼”  of QW and pinch thin between fingers to make a pancake that is about 1/8”.  Lay on parchment paper and large clay cutter star.  Reroll excess and cut medium star, then reroll and cut small star.  Reroll excess and cut medium Kemper star.  With the clay that is left pull off a piece of clay and pinch it thin between your fingers and then lay it on the  body of your Snowman and press and blend it into place.  Be careful not to place it on the bottom where you will be placing the dowel.  Allow the stars to sit 5 – 10 minutes before working on them. 

Place a mark on the skewer 2 ½” from the bottom.  This is where you will lay the bottom between the points of the star on the skewer.

Pick up the large star and align the bottom center between the points with the mark on the skewer.  Lay in place and gently pat, pinch top point against skewer.  Gently push side points down a little.  Push side points down a little on medium star and lay above large star (See Photo).  Do the same with the small star and then pull up on top to make point/top of tree.  Place Kemper star on top of tree. Allow to cure. 

Mix a sliver of QW to fill in back of tree.  Pull off small ball and place on top back of tree, blend being careful not to have clay show on front of tree.  Roll remaining clay into a coil and cover the rest of the back of the tree.  Allow to cure.

Embellishing Cone:

Cut off tip of cone and insert dowel into cone.  Cut off a small amount at a time because you want the dowel to fit securely.  Remove dowel.

Mix up 1/8” of QW and wait 5 minutes before working with it. Make pancake with clay and cut out stars using medium Kemper and press randomly on cone.  Allow to cure.

Inserting dowel:

Mix up 1/16” of QW and insert dowel in bottom center of Snowman about ½”.  Roll clay into 1” coil and wrap around bottom of dowel.  Blend half out onto the Styrofoam and then blend remaining clay down on dowel using extender if needed.  Allow to cure. 

Adding hat: 

Mix two pieces of QW, one1/2” piece for the hat and one 1/8” piece for the trim. After mixing let sit 5 minutes.  For the hat roll a cone that is 2 long. 

For the hat lift and press the top of the cone (fatter part) and flatten.  Insert pointy tool or pencil into the top and swirl around, then pinch edges with fingers to open up the top.  If needed insert the tool deeper into the cone and then pinch to open up.  You want the opening to be large enough to slip over his head.   Slip on his head and press into place.

Roll smaller piece of clay into a coil, about 3” long.  Lay on parchment paper and gently flatten with finger.  Pick it up and lay center of coil at center front of hat and begin pressing into place making sure to cover the edge of the hat. Blend together in the back. To create ribbing on hat band use exacto knife and press indents around band. 

Using fingers and roll tip of hat to make a nice little point.  Wait about 5 more minutes.  If you are brave you can wait until the hat gets a little warm.  Fold hat to side and have tip point up so that you will be able to put a ball on it.  Keep checking until it cures.

Adding scarf and finishing hat trim:  

For scarf mix 1/4” of QW and divide into two.  Then divide one piece in two again with one piece being a little larger than the other piece.  Wait about 10 minutes so that your clay will be a little stiffer.

Roll the largest piece into a 2” coil.  Lay center of coil in the center front of the neck and bring ends to the back.  Blend back ends together with a little extender.  Roll the other two pieces into a coil with a point on each end and they both should be the same width which is about ¼”.  Lay the shorter piece tuck up against the scarf like it is coming out from under the scarf.  Take the other piece and have it lay on top of the scarf like it is coming out over the scarf.

When you feel that your scarf is starting to get a little warm pick up each end and have them wave up and down with a little point on ends so that you can place a ball on them.  Allow to cure

Mix 1/16” of QW and pull a ¼”+ ball for the hat.  Roll into a ball and slip onto the end of the hat.  Shape if needed.  For the scarf pull off two more ¼” balls and attach to ends of scarf.  If needed use a little super glue gel.  Allow to cure.

Note:  You might want to paint pieces before continuing.

Adding Tree, Buttons and Arms:

For the arms mix ¼” of QW and let sit 5 minutes.  Pull off three very small balls for the buttons about 1/16”. Lay on parchment paper and flatten.  Using point of tool place two holes in each button. Divide clay in two and roll out arms each 2” long.  Wait five minutes.

While waiting position tree where you want it, and then put a drop of Super Glue Gel under the trunk to hold it in place.  Hold a few seconds. Attach arms at shoulders on each side, then bring arms around and place on top of tree trunk.  Adjust arms if needed.  Place buttons on Snowman.  Allow to cure. 

Attaching Cone:

To help stabilize the snowman in the cone you can use either some oasis or a 1 ½” Styrofoam ball.  If using ball push hole through center with tool or paintbrush handle.  Place ball on dowel and then insert into cone.  Leave a little room under snowman so you can add some white paper under him.  Place mark on dowel where it is coming out of the cone.  Remove dowel and mix a sliver of QW.  Roll QW into a coil and wrap around top of mark.  Insert dowel back in cone and let cure. N0t3: attaching the cone is the same for the snowman as the Santa.

Adding ball on Ornament: 

Mix ¼” of QW and let sit 5 minutes.   Decide on the length of dowel you want extended from the cone.  I cut my dowel 1 ¼” from bottom of cone.  Roll clay into a ball.  Using tool insert hole in ball and place a drop of glue in hole.  Add to bottom of dowel and reshape if needed.  Allow to cure.