Shimmy Down the Chimney



Press fat end of 2 ½” egg firmly against work surface to flatten.  Check to see how it sits on top of chimney. Then Roll bottom of egg against surface.  Insert 1 ½” length of 1/8” dowel into top of egg (pointy end).  Place 1” ball on top leaving about ¼” for neck.  Remove ball. Mix 1/16” of QW and divide in two.  Roll first piece into a coil about 1” long.  Lay coil around dowel on top of egg.  Pulling from middle blend clay down on egg, then blend clay up dowel using extender if needed.  Place ball on top of dowel.  Roll remaining piece of clay into a 1” coil and wrap around dowel next to ball.  Blend from middle to ball and then down on dowel.  Shape neck with fingers blending any excess clay onto Styrofoam.   Allow to cure.  (video)


Mix ¼” of QW and begin pinching and pressing between fingers to make a flat pancake.  Lay on front of face and begin pressing and patting to cover the head.  Using extender blend at edges, next to neck with fingers.  Then begin pressing and patting until you get a smooth head.  Allow to cure.  (Video)


Mix sliver of QW and pull off a small ball of clay about 3/16”.  Roll into a cone and pick the nicest side for the face.  Lay cone in center of face about 3/4 from the top.  If too long pull off excess from top and blend into place.  Using blade trim bottom of nose.  With excess clay pull off small piece and press and flatten between fingers, then press and blend onto body keeping the clay very thin.  Continue until you have used all of the clay.  Anytime during project if you have excess clay use it to cover the body of Santa.  (Video)


Mix up ¾” of QW for the hat, ¾” for the beard and ¼” for the hat band.   Let them sit 5 minutes.  Roll first ¾” piece into a cone about 3 ½” long for beard.  Gently flatten top (widest part of cone).  Then begin patting in center and pulling up edges to form side burns by creating U shape.  Place under Santa’s nose leaving enough room for the mustache.  Pull side burns up making sure they are long enough to go under hat.  Roll second ¾” of clay into a cone about 3 ½” – 4” long keeping it fatter at the top.  Pat down on fat end of cone in center to begin forming indent. Using pointed tool or end of pencil place in center of indent and begin swirling around.  Pinch edges with fingers to expand and then place tool or pencil deeper in hat to open.  Check to see if it will fit on head.  Once it is big enough place on head and pat in place.  Take ¼” piece of clay and roll into 3 ½” coil.  Flatten slightly and lay on edge of hat with center of coil in front center.  Wrap around hat and gently pat into place. Let sit about 5 more minutes but keep checking clay, if it begins to feel warm you want to immediately begin shaping.  Both the hat and beard should be going in the same direction.  Fold beard up and to the right and begin waving up and down and the end going into a curl.  Fold hat forward and begin waving up and down with the final point going up.  Roll the end with your fingers to make a nice point.  Keep adjusting and holding beard and hat until the clay cures.


Cut 1/16” of QW and pull off ball of clay a little larger than ¼” to make ball of hat.  Roll into ball and insert point of tool or pencil into ball.  Add drop of Super Glue Gel in hole.  Attach to end of hat and reshape if needed.  To make the mustache pull off two balls each about ¼”.  Roll each ball into a cone about 5/8”.  Lay fat part of cone under center of nose and gently press end in place.  Lay fat part of other cone to center under nose and gently pat into place.  Pull ends up.  Pull off two small balls that are about 1/8” to make eyebrows.  Roll each into small cone and attach to edge of hat band.  Use extra clay to cover Santa.  Allow to cure. (video)


Mix ¼” of QW.  Lay parchment paper over pattern.  For candy canes pull off ball that is about ¼” and roll into a coil. Lay over pattern keeping the tails a little long so we can use that to insert into pack.  Create a second one the same way.  For the doll pull off small ball about the same size and roll into a cone about ¾” long.  Tap point of cone to flatten.  Lay toothpick on pattern and lay cone on top of it to make dress.  Press and pat to fill shape of dress.  Pull off small ball for head about 1/16”, roll into ball and lay on top of toothpick.  For boat position toothpick on pattern and pull off small ball and roll into coil the length of the boat, lay on pattern and pat to shape.  Pull off small piece for each of the sails.  Begin pressing and patting to make a triangular shape, lay against toothpick. Repeat for other side.  Use tools if needed to help shape.  Pull off very small piece to make flag on top, roll into a little cone and place on top.  Trim with knife if it is too large.  For doll pull off two very small balls to make arms.  Roll each into a coil and pat in place.  Pull off 5 very small balls for hair and place around head.  With remaining clay roll into a ball and place on pattern, gently pat.  Allow to cure.

To make toys more secure mix up a sliver of QW and pull off a small ball of QW and blend and pat over toothpick on back of each of  them.  (Video)



Mix ¾” of QW and roll into a ball, then into a cone about 1 ¼” long.  Press pointed tool or pencil into top (fat end) and create a pinched edge.  Attach to back on opposite side of beard.  Begin placing toys and canes in pack.  Place canes in back to the side, and the boat in the center back with the doll in front of it.  Reshape back if needed.  Allow to cure and glue ball to center front. (video)


Mix 1/4” of QW and divide into 2.  Decide where you want to position Santa on Chimney.  I want him to be back a little so there is room for his hands in the front,   Roll one piece of clay into a ball and place on chimney and place Santa on ball and press down.  Roll other piece of clay into a 4” coil and wrap around bottom of Santa.  Push in to make him more secure.  Allow to cure.  (Video)


Mix 3/8” of QW and roll into a 4 ½” coil.  Lay on parchment paper and press and flatten with hand.  Use blade to straighten edges by gently tapping against them.  Place center in center front of Santa and press in on top to fasten.  Tug to lengthen in back if needed.  Blend where clay overlaps.  Allow to cure.  (Video)


Cut ¼” of QW and divide into two.  Roll each piece into a coil about 3” long. Let sit 5 minutes.  Place drop of Super Glue Gel on top of arm and lay at shoulder.  Bring hand down at side and have hand touch the top of the chimney.  Repeat for other arm.  Allow to cure. Mix a sliver of QW and divide in two.  Roll into a coil about 1” long and ¼” wide.  Lay over area you want cuff and pat into place.  Using Exacto knife cut off excess.  Repeat on other arm.  Allow to cure.



Mix up a sliver of QW and let sit about ten minutes.  Pinch and press to flatten.  Using the smallest Kemper star cutter cut out two stars.  Use the excess to cover Santa’s body.  Pinch two of the points together and pull down to make the base of the antlers.  Gently push side points up toward center point.  Gently tap end of points to round.  Continue working until you have desired shape.  Allow to cure (video)


Mix 1/8” QW and divide into 4.  For the arms roll a 1 1/8” coil.  Lay end of arms at shoulder and press into place. For the legs roll a 1 1/8” coil.  Place at bottom of belly and press into place.  Position arms as desired.  I had his right arm out to the left and his left arm up like he is waving. 


Lay a piece of parchment paper over pattern.  Mix1/4” of QW.  Cut a toothpick in half and lay on pattern between body and head.  Pull off ½” ball of clay.  Roll remaining clay into a ball then an oval.  Hold toothpick in place and play clay on top of it.  Begin pressing and patting with more pressure on the edges and fill in shape.  Roll remaining clay into ball and lay on top of toothpick in center of pattern.  Press and pat until it fills out shape.  Slip atlers under top of head.  Let cure.  (video)

Mix up a sliver of QW and pull off small ball.  Lay on back of head and body over toothpick and blend in place to make more secure.


Mix up 1/16” of QW and pull off two 3/16” balls and roll into a 3/8” cone.  Press toothpick into center of each cone starting at just behind point and pulling to back. Pick up leaving toothpick in center of ear and press into place on head next to horn.  Remove toothpick and pinch end together then blend into place.  Repeat for other ear.  Pull ¼” ball of clay and pull off a very, very, very small piece of clay for nose and roll into a ball.  Shape rest of ball into a tee pee shape and place on face.  Attach nose to tip of muzzle.  Allow to cure.


If you have not covered your body with clay mix up a small amount at a time and finish covering body.  Mix a small sliver of QW and  pull off 4 small balls for buttons.  Align them to the center front of coat.  Allow room at the bottom to place the fur trim. (Video)



For each pair of shutters mix up ¼” of QW and divide in two.  Lay parchment paper over pattern.  Roll piece into coil about the length of the shutter.  Begin pressing and patting and fill in shape of shutter.  Use blade to straighten edges of shutter.  Repeat for second shutter. Using knife tool and press lines across shutter to form louvers.   Turn other shutter and repeat.  Make three more sets.  Allow to cure. (Video)


Lay parchment paper over pattern.  Mix ¼” of QW and roll into a coil that about fills the shape.  Begin press and patting keeping dome shape at sides and bottom with the top being flat.  Use knife tool and press line in center and continue to edges turning the line slightly as you go the edges.  Repeat for the other 3 boxes.  Allow to cure.  (video)


Mix ¼” of QW and let sit 5 minutes.  Begin pinching and pressing to make a flat pancake.  Starting with the largest Kemper star cutter cut 4 stars. Keep rerolling and cutting 4 stars of each size starting at the largest, when you get to the two smallest sizes cut 8 of each.  With remaining clay pull off very small balls and place in the center of the largest stars.  On the larger stars turn up some of their points.  Allow to cure.  (Video)


Mix 1/8” of QW and divide into 4.  Roll each piece into a coil about 1” long and place on top of each flower box.  Mix ¼” of QW and pull off small balls to make leaves.  Roll into small cones and flatten and position onto top of flower boxes having some in the back and some in the front.  To place the flowers start with the bigger ones and pull off a small ball of clay and then place the flower on top of it.  I placed the one of each of the larger flowers in the center, then came back and added the smaller flowers.  Allow to cure.  (Video)


Lay a piece of tracing paper over roof and using a marker draw a line along edge of roof to create pattern for greens.  Lay a piece of parchment paper over pattern.  Mix ½” of QW and pinch and flatten.  Begin cutting greens using the small hand cutter.  Reroll excess and continue cutting hands until you use all of your clay.  Wait about 5 minutes.  Begin pinching the back of the hands into a point.  Work half of the roof at a time.  Place the bottom leaf on each side.  You will want to start at the center middle on the one side and on the outer side you will want the hand to go to the edge of the roof.  Lay the next hand slightly over the one below it.  Continue adding hands until you get to the top.  Add a hand at the top center, shaping the top point.  Mix up more clay if needed.  Repeat for other side.  Allow to cure.  (video)


Mix 1 ¼” of QW, begin pinching and pressing to make a flat pancake. Use the clay hand cutters to make the branches for the tree.  Cut 2 large hands, reroll and cut 3 medium and 4 small hands.  Allow to sit 5 minutes.  From top of dowel place a mark at 3inches.  That will be where you place the top of the large branches.  Spread fingers on hands and pinch back of hands as you assemble.  Lay large hand on dowel to one side; place other large hand to other side with them slightly overlapping. Pinch top to secure to dowel.   Place one small hand on each side, with one being higher than the other.  For the next level place two medium hands like you did the large hands with about ½” of the tree trunk being exposed. Lay a small hand on top of the medium hands.  Lay the last medium hand at the top of the tree pinching the top to a nice point.  Lay a small hand on top Repeat for other tree. Allow to cure. (video)


Turn trees to back.  Mix 1/8” of QW and pull off small ball and place over dowel on top branches, blend into place, not letting any of the clay show on the front.  Repeat covering middle section and bottom section of tree.  For the balls on the tree mix up ¼” of QW.  Pull off ¼” balls and place randomly on tree. Press slightly to flatten.  Repeat for other tree.

Allow to cure.  (Video)


To make extensions to house to attach trees cut a 2” Styrofoam ball in half.  Cut a small triangle out of the half and position against base of house.   Do on both sides.  Mix ¼” of QW and pinch into a flat pancake.  Lay on bottom of ball and press and pull over bottom to secure.  Pull excess up on edges of ball.  Mix 1/8” of QW and press and pat and fill in V.  Press into corner of house.  Repeat for other side.  Allow to cure.  If needed cut trunk of tree to desired height.  Press tree into center of Styrofoam.  Mix ¼” of QW.  I want to be able to take my trees out for storage.  Pull off ½” ball and roll into 1 ½” coil.  Wrap around base of tree and blend down onto Styrofoam leaving a lip at the top.  Remove tree, place a small amount of clay in corner over base.  Cover remaining Styrofoam with thin layer of clay.  Repeat for other side.  Allow to cure. (video)


BUTTON ROOF (Optional)

Work an area at a time. Using palette knife spread Snow Tex on roof making it heavier at the peaks.  Place buttons on edge along peaks.  Lay buttons flat in Snow Tex varying sizes.  Allow to dry.