Shara Jane Retreat – Preview

Thank you for joining us, we have designed this virtual retreat so that you can move from page to page and complete the steps on that page and then move to the next.  If you have not worked with Quikwood before we recommend going to the tips page.  You might also want to create one of the gift tie-ons to become more comfortable working with Quikwood.

This class will be self-paced. So you will never be ahead or behind, you will always be at the right spot. Shara and Jane will be watching the Facebook page and our email during this time. So please shout out if you have any questions. If you have access to Facebook it would be good to post your questions there because they would probably be helping someone else.

The instructions that are in the pattern are on the web pages. On the webpage you also have more pictures and after each step is a video. That way you can watch a video and then do the step. And then continue watching another video and doing the next step.
Most of the time between steps, you have to wait for the clay to cure. Don’t waste your time sitting there, move to another page and start the first step of that project. EX. While waiting for Santa’s face to cure go over to the snow deer and work on making his horns. Keep moving back and forth between the different projects.

Just for a little fun and to help you get to know us better we shared a few things about us. We would love for you to share something about yourself or pictures of your studio in the Facebook group. You can find the group here: (9) Shara Jane Santa Retreat | Facebook

Shara has many wonderful collections.  Here are two of the things that she loves to collect:

Jane has some dolls that she created years ago that are fun conversation starters and good memories:

We thought you might enjoy a tour of Shara and Jane’s Studios.  We think you might feel a little better about yours:

Shara’s Studio:

Jane’s Studio: