Shara Jane Fall Ornies – Week 3

Need more help getting started with QuikWood (QW) go to this page: Quikwood Tips and Tricks


Getting Started:

Use a marker to make the sections of your pumpkin.  Draw a line around the center of the ball dividing it in half, then divide each of those areas in half.  Divide remaining quarters in half.  Using knife like tool press in on all lines about 1/8”.    Press cinnamon stick into top and press down so that ½” – ¾” of the stick is showing.  Remove cinnamon stick.

Mix 5/8” – ¾” of QW and divide into 4.  Roll one piece into a coil with pointy ends about 2” long.  Lay on center of one section and press and fill in entire section starting at points and working to center.  Repeat for next section.  Use tool to reline sides of section.  Continue in the same way with the two remaining pieces of clay.  Mix another 5/8” – ¾” of QW and continue filling in sections and relining sides of sections.   When done reline sections and pick the best side for the face.  Reinsert cinnamon stick.  Fold over small piece of wire for hook and press in front of cinnamon stick.  You could also wait and see how ornament hangs and at the end insert hook into top of cinnamon stick and glue in place with super glue gel.  (video)


Getting Started:

Mix 1/8” of QW.  Pick side you like best for face and draw a line for lip.  The nose is just below the middle and the line for the lip is just below the nose.   For the teeth pull off two small balls about 1/16” each.  Roll clay into a ball and then into a little cone shape.  Pat with fingers to square off shape.  Place first tooth just below center line and a little off the center.  Repeat with second tooth.  Have one come out a little.  I like if they each have a different shape.  Pull off ¼” ball for mouth and roll into a coil about 2 “long with ends slightly thinner.  Lay across top of teeth with ends curled slightly up.  Gently press into place.

Pull off 3/8” ball for nose.  Roll into a 1” cone and place in center of face.  Pinch sides of nose so that it stands out.  Decide on position of mask and insert into nose.  Line mask up and put mark on pumpkin where the eyes would look through mask.  Remove mask.  Divide remaining clay into two.  You should have two ¼” balls.  Roll and place on face, gently pat into place, but do not flatten.   Allow to cure.  (video)


Mix 1/8” of QW and pull off a small ball. Pull tee out of pumpkin and push ball into top.  Reinsert tee.  Roll remaining clay into a ¾” cone and then flatten with fingers to make leaf/hair.  Lay next to tee in front of face.  Have it curl up then down with the tip curling us.  Fold over a piece of wire and insert into back of leaf next to tee for hook. Allow to cure.  After painting you will glue the mask into place.  (video)

Acorn Hair

Making Leaves:

Mix ¼” of QW and divide in three using two pieces for the larger leaf and the other piece for the small leaf. Lay parchment paper over pattern.  Starting with larger leaf pull off approximately ¼” ball and roll into a cone.  Lay on point of leaf.  Continue pulling off balls and rolling into cones.  Lay each cone on point of leaf and then blend sections together and fill pattern.  Repeat for the small leaf.  Lay leaves over 8 oz. paint bottle so they will have a curve to them.  Allow them to cure.  Cut two piece of wire about 3” long. Mix a sliver of QW and pull off a ball for each leaf.  Lay wire on back of leaf and cover with ball of QW.  Blend out edges of clay. Allow to cure.  (Video)

Making Acorns:

Mix 1/8” of QW and divide into three. Roll into balls and lay on  parchment paper and gently flatten.  Using tip of finger or round end of a tool or brush press into the center of the ball.  Using point of pencil or tool put hole in center of cap.  Allow to cure. 

To make acorns mix up 3/16” of QW and divide into three.  Roll each section into ball and place in cap.  Shape the end into a little point. You could also roll into a really fat cone and then place in cap.  Cut three wires about 3” long.  Insert wire into acorn through top of cap.  Allow to cure. (video)

Adding Face and Finishing:

Mix ¼” of QW and pull off ½” ball and roll into a fat cone about ¾” long for the nose.  Place in center of face and turn tip of nose up.  For eyes pull off two 3/8” balls and place them above nose and off to each side.  Pull of very small ball for pupil, roll and place on each eye on the same side. For the mouth mix up 1/16” of QW and roll into a 5” coil with a little point on each end.  Start at the side and begin placing clay going up and down with it ending being turned up.  If you have too much pull off the excess.    Mix up sliver of QW, roll into a 1” coil and place around top opening.  Insert cinnamon stick, acorn and leaves.  Fold over piece of wire and insert in clay for hook or glue to top of cinnamon stick for hook.  Allow to cure.  (Video)

Sam the Scarecrow

Getting Started with Hair:

Place hat brim on head and draw around inside edge of brim with marker.  Mix ¼” of QW and begin pressing and patting clay around top of  head under line.  You can keep the clay a little thicker just below the hair line since we will be inserting the toothpicks for the hair there. Place three toothpicks in the front for the bangs in the center front.  Move ½” to the right and place toothpicks coming down to the side and then repeat on the other side.  Make sure the tooth picks are not too high that they interfere with the hat band. 

Mix 1/8” of QW and roll into a coil about 6” long.  Position hat brim on head and lay coil against inside edge and press in place.  Blend edge of Styrofoam onto Styrofoam.  Allow to cure.  (video)

Adding Face:

Mix a small amount of QW at a time and pinch off a small piece and flatten.  Lay on any Styrofoam area below the brim. Press and pull to blend out the clay on the face.  Continue until area below brim is covered.  Trim hair using easy cutters or scissors.  Allow to cure.

Mix 1/8” of QW for face.  Pull off two small 1/8” ball for eyes.  Position on face and press firmly to flatten.  Pull ¼” + ball for nose and roll into a cone.  Press and flatten into a triangle and lay on face.   For the bandanna divide clay into two and roll into a cone and flatten.  Place on chin.  Repeat for other cone.  Mix sliver for center and roll into a ball and place in center for knot. 

Finishing Scarecrow:

Mix 1 1/2” of QW and roll into a 2” cone.  Pat down on thick end of cone and then insert pointy tool or pencil in and swirl around.  Pinch edges with fingers to open more.  Insert pencil in to open a little more. Check to see if it will fit on head.  Lay on head and blend edges to brim.  Turn point to side.  Fold over and cut piece of wire for hook.  Insert into top center of hat.  Keep checking hat until it cures.  (video)